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Global Herbs FootStamp for Horses

  • 250ml Bottle £32.49

Global Herbs FootStamp is a highly concentrated herbal skin wash for itchy feathering in heavy horses. The diluted solution helps repel lice, harvest mites and other parasites. It is plant based and safe but should not be used near the eyes. It can be used routinely to keep heavy horses free of discomfort and can be used in a wide variety of situations.

FootStamp is not suitable for a very small number of horses with very sensitive skin, so test on a small area of skin to see if there might be a problem. Usually areas of white skin and hair are more liable to cause a problem.


  • For horses suffering from problems with mites particularly around the feet and feathering
  • For horses with lice and tick problems
  • For use as a fly and midge repellent in summer and autumn months
  • For use in dogs that suffer from fleas, mites and ticks


  • Great for heavy horses.
  • Deal effectively with mites, lice & parasites.


  • Cedar tree
  • Blue Pine

How To Use

Always remember to mix one part FootStamp with 20-50 parts warm water. Apply with sponge and wear plastic gloves. Be very careful in applying this liquid to your horse for the first few times. If applying to the feet, catch the run off in a bucket. It may be better to clip the feathering away but this is not always necessary. After application do not allow your horse in bright sunlight if feathers are clipped away. During the day it is best washed off in 1-2 hours but can be left on overnight if applied in the evening and washed off in the morning.

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10th Jan 2014

would this product kill mites if they were there? my mare has been stamping a lot in stable and in field on one leg. she does have feathers, so would I need to clip her legs first, and how long can this product be used for, does it need to be applied continuously or for couple of days?? many thanks

  • Non-Executive Director

This product is good at repelling mites so that they leave the horse alone. It does not contain ingredients to kill mites. It can be applied to the feathers and there is no need to clip them off. The feathers will tend to help to retain the product in fact. However it is important to make sure that there is no sign of skin damage/infection in the area first. If the skin in that area looks sore and infected, then clipping, cleaning and drying the skin regularly, as well as using an antiseptic wash or cream, might be more beneficial.