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Genitrix Dentagen Plaque Prevention Dog Chews

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Genitrix Dentagen Plaque Prevention Chews are a revolutionary chew combining the unique ingredient RF2, a naturally sourced enzyme which, as a complex anti-biofilm agent, discourages the production of plaque. In addition, the process of chewing encourages salivation which further promotes oral health as saliva contains enzymes that break down food stuffs and debris before bacteria can multiply.

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What age can Dentagen Chews be used?

21st Nov 2014
Michelle Seymour

Mu puppy is 16 weeks old, what can he start having Dentagen Chews?

Please advise


  • Non-Executive Director

The special ingredient of Dentagen chews is not usually needed before the age of about 2 years, though it will do no harm in a 4 month old puppy. However it is very useful to start with chews at this age, and regularly spending time gnawing on a chew (too big and tough to quickly bite up and swallow) is very beneficial at any age. If you keep your puppy well fed, you might find that the chews are not very interesting. This is often a sign of a puppy being given too much food in fact, but you will have to judge this yourself, or ask your vet/vet nurse.