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GWF Nutrition Odour Aid For Dogs

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Odour Aid is a 100% blend of high quality vegetable oils rich in chlorophyll and natural vitamin E (70% tocotrienols) antioxidants.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps maintain fresh breath.
  • Helps maintain low level body odour.
  • Helps maintain the neutralisation of free radicals.
  • Helps maintain an active immune system.
  • Manufactured using a blend of high quality, palatable vegetable oils.
  • 100% Non GM.

Odour Aid for Dogs:

  • Is manufactured using a blend of high quality, palatable vegetable oils.

  • Is wheat gluten free.

  • Is a 100% Non GM, soya free formulation.

  • Contains the Oatinol Delivery System; providing 4 active nutraceuticals (galactolipid emulsifiers, tocotrienol antioxidants, beta glucans and phospholipids) to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a high rate of absorption of essential nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.

  • Is available in user friendly 250ml and 500ml pump-action bottles.

  • Is quick and easy to feed.

Please find below an explanation for the above benefits:

Key Benefits Why Omega 3 will help
Helps maintain fresh breath Historically, dentists and physicians successfully used chlorophyll to maintain oral health in people as it was recognized to be a maintenance support to the natural environmental inhibition of bacteria. This was found to be particularly true with anaerobic microbes found in the gut. Today, chlorophyll is still used in toothpastes and while bad breath can be associated with dental problems, it is more likely to emanate from further down the digestive tract.
Helps maintain low level body odour Researchers at Temple University USA successfully used chlorophyll in people to support the natural defences against bad breath, body odour and foul smelling urine and stools. It has also been recorded for its effect in maintaining low level intestinal gas and abdominal straining.
Helps maintain the neutralisation of free radicals Research at the Oregon State University USA found that chlorophyll works effectively to maintain resistance to the bodily absorption of mould derived ‘aflatoxins’, so supporting natural detoxification. This is very useful to maintain healthy liver functioning through the natural expulsion of these antagonists.
Helps maintain an active immune system Fat soluble antioxidants like vitamin E tocotrienols provide support against tissue damage and degeneration caused by free radicals. The membranes of skin cells contain high levels of fats so fat soluble antioxidants are essential to provide natural protection, both within and around these microscopic structures.

Contains the Oatinol® Delivery System

For all of the above active ingredients to be utilised, they have to be absorbed from the horses’ digestive tract. Oatinol supplies natural antioxidants, polar lipids, beta glucans and galactolipid emulsifiers, required to maintain gut cell integrity, maintain the lining of the gut, support the immune system and aid the absorption of active ingredients, vitamins and trace elements.into and out of cells.

Active Ingredient Why we use it
Oatinol - Galactolipid Natural Emulsifiers Galactolipids are a combination of sugar and fat molecules that help establish the perfect medium for enzyme activity in the gut to absorb feed components.
Oatinol - Natural
Tocotrienol Antioxidants
Tocotrienol antioxidants are found naturally in oat bran. This tocotrienol form of vitamin E is 40 to 60 times more readily recycled in membrane systems and supports tissue integrity.
Oatinol - Oat Derived
Beta Glucans
Beta glucans provide nourishment for beneficial fibre degrading microbes and helps maintain a high level of natural immunity.
Oatinol - Polar Lipids Polar lipids are found in high concentrations in cell membranes and are essential for tissue integrity and the controlled passage of materials into and out of cells.

Daily Feeding Recommendation

1. Shake well before every use

2. Simply add to the dogs' normal feed

Routine Maintenance Quantity/Day
All dogs Add 2 Pumps (4ml) per 6kg Body Weight

Example: a 12kg dog would require 4 Pumps (8ml) per day.

Technical information

Analytical Constituents

Oil 99%


Vegetable Oils 99%

Product Form
Very digestible Liquid

Available Pack Size(s)
250ml: (net) Bottle - Lasts up to 62 days

500ml: (net) Bottle - Lasts up to 125 days

Storage Advice
This product should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

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