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Fine Fettle Feeds Fettle Tonic for Horses

  • 2kg Tub £93.22


Fine Fettle Feeds Fettle Tonic loads the muscles with oxygen and usually eradicates residual lactic acid in the cells. It can be used to get horses into their top performance with its blend of naturally occurring herbs which, when steeped in water, creates a tonic mix that relaxes the horse's mind and body, and improves their mood.

Fine Fettle Tonic is high in many essential nutrients, some of which are missing from equine diets today! It also provides a valuable source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, iron and copper. Tonic contains about 10% protein, a considerably higher level than what is normally found in vegetable matter. No herbicides, fungicides, or any other biocides are used in the growth and production (and drying) of Fine Fettle Tonic which is the wholly natural organic product compatible with the evolution of the horse's digestive system.

Fine Fettle Tonic is completely safe to use and is absolutely drug-free being made up of a complex of herbs which are within the horse's evolutionary grazing range.

Directions for use:

The blended tonic should be given to the horse the day before the race. Another similar dose can/should be given two hours after the race to aid recovery time and make sure that all the muscle cells recover, to avoid the flat battery effect.

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