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Fidavet Cavalesse for Horses

  • 3 x 20g Sachets £62.50

Fidavet Cavalesse is a neutraceutical non-medicinal product containing nicotinamide which helps to maintain a healthy skin in horses prone to allergies in the summer months. It is most commonly used in horses which suffer from sweet itch. The sachets contain powder which is to be mixed with 80ml water and administered once daily on a small treat (sugar cube/bread) at a rate of 2ml for horses up to 500kg and 3ml for horses weighing more than 500kg. It is recommended to start treatment approximately two weeks before the onset of signs of allergy. As it is an aid to management other management techniques should be continued initially and results assessed as the season progresses.

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Mares in foal

15th Apr 2017

Is this product safe to use on a mare that is in foal?
And will it help if she has already started itching?

  • Veterinary Advisor

As far as I am aware there have not been any studies done to show whether Cavalesse is safe to give to pregnant mares. However it is a very natural product so from a veterinary point of view should be absolutely fine. Of course I cannot tell you this with 100% certainty though. As with any treatment against sweet itch it does work better if given before the itch cycle starts however it is likely to still be of some benefit given at any time.