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FarmSense NutriMax Sheep

  • 1 Litre £33.99

Sheep should be given a trace mineral and vitamin drench designed specifically for sheep. The correct balance between minerals and vitamins is an essential part of a good drench, which is what makes our Nutrimax Sheep drench market leading.

All our drenches, including our sheep drenches, contain chelated minerals, which are ‘coated’ minerals that are absorbed in the digestive tract of the sheep faster and more effectively than standard minerals.

Because of the wide range of roles that minerals, vitamins and other elements have within the body, by using a quality sheep drench you can expect to see health gains in numerous areas, from growth to live weight gain.

  • High spec trace element and vitamin drench with chelated minerals
  • Helps feed conversion, growth
  • Ideal for lambs and sheep over 4 weeks old


A full spectrum vitamin and trace element complementary feed for sheep requiring extra supplementation in trace element deficient areas.

Unit Size 200 measures


A free flowing green/brown liquid.

Precautions Store in a dry place between 15-25°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Packaging 1 litre can.

Health & Safety Avoid ingestion. Wash splashes from eyes and skin immediately.


A unique formula of organic and inorganic trace elements and vitamins, based on known requirements and availability.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Administer via a multi dose applicator that has been checked for accuracy and safety. Repeat administration as required but not less than 4-6 week intervals.

Warnings Not for human consumption. For oral administration only.

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