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Eurican vaccination

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Eurican Herpes vaccine is used to produce an active immunity in breeding bitches, which is then transferred passively to the puppies. This protects the puppies from illness and death (part of the fading puppy syndrome) which can otherwise occur in the first few days of life. The vaccine needs to be given at specific times during pregnancy.


Powder and solvent for emulsion for injection. Each 1ml dose contains 0.3-1.75 μg of canine herpesvirus (F205 strain) gB glycoprotein antigens in a light paraffin oil adjuvant.


Active immunisation of bitches to prevent mortality, clinical signs and lesions in puppies resulting from canine herpes virus infections acquired in the first few days of life.

Dosage and administration

Two 1-ml doses of vaccine, administered by subcutaneous route, according to the following schedule:

First injection: Either during heat or 7 – 10 days after the presumed date of mating.

Second injection: 1 to 2 weeks before the expected date of whelping.

Revaccination: during each pregnancy, according to the same schedule.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

For animal treatment only.

Vaccinate only healthy animals.

Eurican Herpes 205 is specifically indicated during pregnancy.

There are no contra-indications for Eurican Herpes 205.

The injection of the vaccine may cause a transient oedema at the site of injection in up to 10% of animals. These reactions usually regress within one week. As with any vaccine, a hypersensitivity reaction may occur. These are rare and appropriate symptomatic treatment should be administered.

No information is available on the efficacy from the concurrent use of this vaccine with any other product. It is therefore recommended that no other vaccines should be administered 14 days before or after vaccination with the product.

User safety

To the user:

This product contains mineral oil. Accidental injection/self-injection may result in severe pain and swelling, particularly if injected into a joint or finger, and in rare cases could result in the loss of the affected finger if prompt medical attention is not given.

If you are accidentally injected with this product, seek prompt medical advice even if only a very small amount is injected and take the package leaflet with you.

If pain persists for more than 12 hours after medical examination, seek medical advice again.

To the physician:

This product contains mineral oil. Even if small amounts have been injected, accidental injection with this product can cause intense swelling, which may, for example, result in ischaemic necrosis and even the loss of a digit. Expert, PROMPT, surgical attention is required and may necessitate early incision and irrigation of the injected area, especially where there is involvement of finger pulp or tendon.

Do not mix with any other immunological product except the solvent supplied.

Pharmaceutical precautions

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Use immediately after reconstitution.

Store at 2°C – 8°C (in a refrigerator), protected from light. Do not freeze.

Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste materials derived from such veterinary medicinal products should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

Legal category


Packaging Quantities

Individual glass bottles containing powder and solvent for reconstitution of powder, presented as 1 box of 2 x 1 bottles.

Further information


Marketing authorisation number

EU/2/01/029/001- 003.

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