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By Lorraine Allen on 20 February 2016

This was recommended to me by a vet. I have used it ever since which is over a year now. She is an amazing old girl (approx 36) so it works in oldies too!!

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By Christopher Bell on 2 April 2015

We have a horse who was off-colour and - worse - off his food. Had his teeth checked, no problems there, so got the Vet to do a blood test. This showed "something wrong with the liver, but we'd need to do a biopsy to find out what".

He's an old boy, about 30 years old, who is living out his retirement with us, so I didn't want to put him through biopsies etc nor, if the truth be told, did I want to pay the bill! So I asked the Vet what else I could do, and she suggested this Legaphyton stuff.

So I got a pot, which is one month's worth, and after 2 weeks I'd say that he is a lot brighter and, importantly. back on his food. So whether he had a virus and just got better, or whether this did any good, I just don't know (and am too mean to pay for another blood test to find out). Let's give it the benefit of the doubt and say that it worked. That's why I am giving it 4 stars.

In terms of usage it is a doddle to feed: a little 30mg spoonful of granules split into two doses a day. In fact our old chap quite likes it and it is a treat for him to nibble it up from my hand, so it really is very easy to feed.

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By KVB on 8 January 2015

In 2012 our little bay 12.2hh exhibited a 'mud fever' complaint on his one white foot. A blood test revealed the problem was in fact sunburn resulting from poor UV protection as his liver wasn't functioning properly. A robust course of medicine resolved the problem and though we failed to identify the cause we thought it had been sorted. Exactly one year later the problem returned, presenting identically to exactly 12 months before. Again robustly treated but this time taking longer to return to normal. Once the blood tests advised we were back at normal levels we started to include Legaphyton (recommended by our vet by its exact brand and name) as a daily supplement. We fed throughout the winter and a couple of months before the third 'anniversary' we requested a blood test to start forming a possible timeline should the liver problem represent again on cue. All bloods were clear. However, three months later he suddenly exhibited a poorly white foot. We groaned and called the vet who felt certain that this time it was mud fever but tested to be certain. It came back clear and the problem was deemed to be mud fever!

Whether the liver problem would have occurred for a third time in 2014 without the supplement we shall never know but I feel wholly confident that we are doing right by our lad in continuing to feed this supplement daily. Our vet advises there is every chance it may never ever present again but the daily cost of pro-active care and as much peace of mind as you can allow yourself versus the costly expense of reactive veterinary treatment is a no brainer for me. So for us and our experiences to date Equistro Legaphyton is a strong recommend.

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