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Equine Products UK Sand Shifter for Horses

  • 700g Tub £12.99
  • 4kg Tub £46.00

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Equine Products UK Sand Shifter is a technologically advanced compound which encourages digestive health. Containing Psyllium Husk powder, this effective dietary supplement uses the revolutionary bulk forming 100% natural fibre that once in the digestive system, reacts with the sand particles to form a fibrous gel that binds the sand and enables the gut to then shift it, avoiding the development of blockages and their potential complications.


  • Aids digestion
  • Contains kaolin to aid the whole digestive process
  • Specially formulated for horses or ponies grazing sandy loams or short grass
  • Highly palatable, assists in easing the movement of sand particles through the gut.
  • Unique aniseed flavouring irresistible to horses when added to horse feed


Per kg
Pysllium husk powder 600g
Kaolin 350g
Aniseed flavouring 50g

Feeding guidelines

For a 500kg horse feed 150g of powder for 4-5 days. Once the sand particles have been eased through the gut the horse may require feeding for a further 2-3 weeks to rid the colon of sand.

For horses grazing sandy loams or short cropped grass feed 50g twice daily for seven consecutive days, once every 3-4 weeks or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

Additional Information

FEI/Jockey Club Legal? Yes

How long will it last? (average size

horse at maintenance rate)

Approx 5 days (700g)

Approx 26 days (4kg)

Average cost per day? (Approx)

£2.44 (700g)

£1.75 (4kg)

Suitable for use during pregnancy? Yes

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Can it be fed to pregnant mares and yearlings

27th Oct 2015

Is it safe to feed this to pregnant mares and to yearlings and if so give the quantity to be fed to mare of 450 kg and for yearlings how much to feed and regime of feeding for both the groups

  • Prescription and Medication Manager


Yes this product is safe to give to pregnant mares and yearlings. You would initially feed 1-2 courses and then just feed when required. They recommend feeding a 500kg horse 150g of powder for 4-5 days so for a 450 I would give 125g.

I have spoken with Equine products and they have recommended to try Transvite for yearlings with digestive problems as this has a superb probiotic that yields fantastic results.