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Equine America No More Moods for Horses

  • 1 litre Bottle £34.49

Hormone imbalances in mares can lead to 'stroppy', unwilling behaviour, sometimes making a horse difficult to handle and resulting in a reduction in performance. No More Moods contains liquid Chaste Berry, a plant which has been recognized for many years for its benefits in supporting correct hormone levels. Use No More Moods daily to turn your 'nightmare into a nice mare'.

No More Moods has also been used successfully on aggressive stallions. When used in combination with Lamigard, No More Moods can be beneficial to the horse with cushings.

The bottle is used by squeezing the bottle to fill up the measuring section, which makes pouring out the correct amount easy.

Does not contravene current Jockey Club or FEI rules; it can continue to be fed whilst the horse is competing.


Water, Vitex Angus-Castus, Magnesium Oxide, D-Glucose 10,000mg/kg.


Technological Additives:

Preservative: Ammonium Propionate E280 - 1000mg/kg.

Thickener: Xanthan Gum - E145 - 4,000mg/kg.

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamins & pro-vitamins: Thiamine Hydrochloride.


  • Crude Protein - 0.75%
  • Crude Oils & Fats - 0.00%
  • Crude Fibre - 0.25%
  • Crude Ash - 0.40%
  • Moisture - 79.50%

Feeding guidelines

For a 500kg horse, per day:

For initial 5 days: 30ml.

Thereafter: 15ml.

Maximum per day: 30ml.

Additional Information

FEI/Jockey Club Legal? Yes

How long will it last? (average size

horse at maintenance rate)

Approximately two months
Average cost per day? (Approx) 56p
Suitable for use during pregnancy? No

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No more moods for stallions

17th Apr 2017
Rachel Duggan

Hi I read that mixing no more moods with lamigard works for stallions why is this. My stallion is always very fiesty even at home and can be aggressive to people and other horses. However once in the competition ring he is very well behaved and I wondered if this may help him. He is only 5yrs old and showjumping up to 1.20m

  • Veterinary Advisor

This is a natural product thought to balance the hormonal system of both stallions and mares therefore reducing aggressive behaviour. It seems to work better for some horses than others but certainly won't do your stallion any harm and is worth a try. As far as I am aware there is no benefit to mixing with Lamigard in stallions. The blurb on our website suggests mixing no more moods with lamigard for horses with cushings.