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Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wraps

  • Black Pair » Extra Large £59.95
  • Black Pair » Large £59.95
  • Black Pair » Medium £59.95
  • Black Pair » Medium Narrow £59.95
  • Black Pair » Small £59.95
  • White Pair » Extra Large £59.95
  • White Pair » Large £59.95
  • White Pair » Medium £59.95
  • White Pair » Medium Narrow £59.95
  • White Pair » Small £59.95

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Pliable and flexible, Stretch & Flex Training Wraps allow the horse to move freely, without any feeling of restriction, while still benefiting from effective support.

Made from breathable Stomatex, Stretch & Flex wraps help to keep the horse’s skin temperature at a comfortable level.

Stomatex is made of a special type of Neoprene which actively pumps moisture away from the skin through tiny pores in the fabric. Originally developed for human athletes, Stomatex was designed to provide four-way stretch, to enable use around mobile joints, plus excellent support for active limbs, and an outstanding ability to keep the skin dry, so it could be worn comfortably for many hours. Combined with Equilibrium’s expertise in designing products to fit the contours of horses’ legs, the use of Stomatex makes Stretch & Flex Training Wraps a truly innovative product, giving optimal support while ensuring the leg stays cool and dry.

Stretch & Flex Wraps fit snugly around the contours of the horse’s leg providing gentle support and protection. They have all the benefits of exercise bandages but with the convenience and ease of fitting of boots.

There is a wraparound fetlock strap incorporated into the Training Wraps design and together with extra thick soft padding, this additional support makes them ideal for young, big-moving or spooky horses, or while training new movements.

Description Approx. horse size Cannon circumference
Small 13h - 15h 18-20cm
Medium Narrow 15h - 16h 18-20cm
Medium 15h - 16h 20-22cm
Large 16h - 17h 22-24cm
Extra Large 17.1h+ 24-26cm

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25th Mar 2014
Minna Saarinen
  • VioVet Customer Since: May 2012
  • From: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

how many boots are in a pack (4 or 2)?

  • Web Developer

The Training Wraps come in a pack of 2.