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Dorwest Urtica Urens Homeopathic Vials

  • 30C » 100 Pillules £7.49

Prepared from nettle herb, this provides homeopathic first aid for insect bites, burns, nettle rash etc. Also increases milk flow in lactating females.


The administration size is always the same for any size or breed of animal but the frequency of administration varies according to the condition being treated: For insect bites and burns give 1 every 30 minutes for up to 3hrs or until relief is obtained. For other uses give 1 three times daily for 1 week. In the case of burns always seek veterinary advice. It is preferable, but not essential, to avoid giving homeopathic remedies within 15 minutes of food or drink. Having taken advice from today's foremost homeopathic vets, we are pleased to be able to reassure clients that there is no need to discontinue giving garlic in any form while also giving homeopathic remedies.

This remedy has been compiled in consultation with homeopathic veterinary advisors to ensure that the remedies offered are safe for you to give to your animals.

Each dispenser contains approximately 100 pillules and is unique as it enables the tiny pillules to be administered straight into the mouth of the animal without being touched by the hand, as this should be avoided when giving homeopathic remedies.

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