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Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets

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A potent herbal concoction, Dorwest Milk Thistle contains the highly active ingredient Silymarin, a powerful element, whose beneficial effects on the liver are well documented. Firstly, Silymarin seeks out and transforms free radicals into harmless compounds, reducing the potential damage these natural products can cause. Using only top quality Milk Thistle, Dorwest's quality supplement is a market leading herbal product. 100% natural formulation.


Milk Thistle seed extract 100mg (80% Silymarin).

Excipients: Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, DC Dextrose, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate USNF, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Vegetable, Magnesium Stearate.


  • Protein - 0.41%
  • Oils and Fats - 0.8%
  • Fibre - 17%
  • Ash - 1.4%

Feeding Guidelines

Special warning: This product should only be used when the liver is in need of support.

1 tablet per 5kgs bodyweight daily, split into at least two amounts per day

  • Use during pregnancy and lactation: Not recommended
  • Age from which can be used: 8 weeks of age
  • Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any other medication under veterinary advice
  • Long or short term use: Both as the condition requires
  • Sugar coated tablet: No

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Reviews of Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets

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Questions & Answers for Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets, including answers from our team.

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Use with metacam?

11th May 2016
Gemma Smith
  • VioVet Customer Since: May 2016
  • From: Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Can I use with metacam? My 13 year old collie has issues with elevated liver enzymes in the past and I'd like to try this

  • Non-Executive Director

Milk Thistle is often used alongside NSAIDs such as Metacam and this might well be beneficial. It should be perfectly safe to do this. The main thing is to ensure that you do not overdose the Metacam and that you stop Metacam if there are signs of ill-health, such as vomiting, diarrhoea or going off food. (Having said that, Metacam is extremely safe in fact if you get these things right and it provides huge benefits to dogs which they cannot derive from other means.)


30th Apr 2016
Marlene Davis
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2016
  • From: West Midlands, United Kingdom

Can I take my 14 year old Staffie off Hepatic food and give her Dorwest milk thistle. The vet told us a year ago that she had slight liver damage after havin a slight bleed for about an hour nothing since the and that was last May. The Hepatic food is making her fat so I want to take her off it and put her on James Wellbeloved wet food and give her Dorwest as well she was on them before but I was told to stop them because she was having Hepatic and did not need both please advis she is fine when she passes urine and her poo is normal just need to get her weight down she is 27 kg .

  • Non-Executive Director

The liver diet has a range of factors intended to support dogs with liver problems. How many of these, if indeed any, are still of use to her is impossible for me to say. Generally speaking, ongoing liver problems are associated with weight loss, so I am unsure how much of a problem she still has.

I would also say that weight gain is much more a function of how much food is consumed rather than the type of food. If she is overweight, she has been eating too much. If you feed her less, she will lose weight. It really is as simple as that (as far as it goes. Feeding her less might leave her hungry, with all the attendant considerations that has, but health-wise, she just needs to eat less.) Lots of dogs are overweight on James Wellbeloved diets and they often need to be restricted in amount, especially as dogs get older and slower.

If she still has any liver issues, she is better off on the proper liver diet. The best way to tell would be some blood tests. As far as the Milk Thistle is concerned, personally I would be inclined to give it anyway. I might also stop the liver diet and feed whatever you want, but I am not in a position to be able to say that is the right thing to do. I would also feed the amount of food which produces the correct bodyweight, whichever food I chose. Her weight really is just a product of the amount she is eating, there is no mystique to it.

Puppy with extrahaptic systemic shunt

15th Nov 2015
Judith Wase

Yes or No and what dose ?

  • Non-Executive Director

Dogs with a hepatic shunt do not typically have a damaged or "stressed" liver, so they are not so likely to benefit from this product. The shunt means of course that blood from the diggestive system is by-passing the liver completely and so is not being filtered and purified as it should be. This is usually more a surgical problem than a medical one. Your vet will be able to advise on measures you can take to alleviate it somewhat, but Milk Thistle I would expect to have no real effect in a typical case.


9th Sep 2014
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2014
  • From: West Midlands, United Kingdom

A recent blood test showed some early liver problems for my dog. Early stages so our vet has not recommended any further treatment as yet. Would milk thistle be a useful supplement to help stabilise the condition and help minimise the liver damage?
Also, my dog weighed 24.3kg at his last 'weigh in', how many tablets would you suggest? Thank you.

  • Non-Executive Director

Tests for liver damage are very sensitive and so your dog might have a very minor/temporary problem. Hopefully that will be the case but would be sensible to repeat some blood tests periodically, to monitor how things are going. In the meantime these tablets would be a good idea to give to support the liver. The correct dose would be 5 tablets daily, given in 2 or 3 doses divided through the day.

Hepatosyl / Milk thistle

28th Jul 2014

The vet has prescribed hepatosyl 200mg for my 12 yr old border terrier, as her liver needs help, but I was wondering if milk thistle would work just as well?

  • Non-Executive Director

Milk Thistle can in itself provide significant help for liver problems. However using just a straight herbal supplement would probably be less predictable than Hepatosyl. Lots of factors affect the usefulness of Milk Thistle ( such as growing and processing conditions). These things tend to be optimised better in proprietary brands (though that might equally apply to a good supplier of Milk Thistle.) However they still vary a great deal from batch to batch, let alone between brands. The levels of active ingredients are often not standardised or consistent. The extra ingredients in Hepatosyl Plus are however of more reliable and significant benefit, so I would choose this product personally.

Tablet size

30th May 2014
Janet Jago - Lee
  • VioVet Customer Since: November 2011
  • From: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

How big are the tablets, can they be given by mouth, are they small enough?

  • Web Developer

The tablets are 1cm diameter and are usually fine to be given to dogs whole. If not you can split them into smaller parts or crushed and fed with food.