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Donald Cooke EMP Superior Egg Food for Birds

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Donald Cooke EMP Superior Eggfood is blended with only the highest quality ingredients, including real egg yolk. It has been specially formulated to provide all the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional requirements necessary to support your bird's general health. It has a large particle size, is less powdery, stays fresh longer and is very palatable. EMP Superior Eggfood has been acclaimed by top nutritionists and breeders.


  • Protein - 16.5%
  • Oil - 7.5%
  • Fibre - 1.5%
  • Ash - 4.5%

Vitamin & Minerals

Vitamin A 19,500I.U, Vitamin D3 2,000I.U, Vitamin E 30mg, Vitamin K3 2.2mg, Vitamin B1 12mg, Vitamin B2 38mg, Pantothenic Acid 55mg, Choline Chloride 475mg, Niacin 100mg, Vitamin B6 1.75mg, Vitamin B12 0.075mg, Folic Acid 6.8mg, Biotin 0.38mg, Vitamin C 4mg, Calcium 0.9%, Phosphorous 0.4%, Sodium 0.05%, Magnesium 125mg, Manganese 80mg, Zinc 58mg, Iron 29mg, Cobalt 1.8mg, Copper 5mg, Iodine 1.2mg, DL-Methionine 500mg, L-Lysine 1,150mg, Selenium 0.1mg.

Feeding guidelines

Most Bird Fanciers mix a little water with EMP until a soft, crumbly, pleasant smelling mixture is obtained. Do not use too much water. However, many Fanciers have their own preferred method of feeding EMP e.g. dry or with grated carrot, etc.

EMP should be fed 2 or 3 times a day whilst rearing. During the moulting period feed EMP daily to aid feathering and to bring the birds back into peak condition. For the rest of the year feed EMP every second day to satisfy your birds' nutritional requirements.

EMP should comprise about a quarter of the birds daily feed.

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Feeding budgies

9th Sep 2014
Coco pop

Is it ok to feed daily to my young budgie. She is 6 months old and has quality seed mix along with vegetables, soaked seeds and other nutritious human foods

  • Non-Executive Director

I would definitely not recommend this. Budgies are adapted to live in the wild on a very poor sort of diet with extremely low fat levels present. They also take a lot more exercise than pet birds. Once budgies have finished growing then unless they are laying eggs, they do not need any high energy foods. In fact they are bad for them, often causing serious obesity and liver problems. Your desire to give your bird the best possible diet is commendable, but you are in danger of inadvertently causing trouble by trying to be too nice!

The best diet is a mix of good quality millet and canary seeds, along with some regular green food/salad vegetables. Trill is the gold standard seed mix, because of the vitamins and minerals added to it. These do not cause any trouble with increasing the energy content. Budgies are not good at eating greens, but as with children, they are good for them and should be encouraged. If you try to give anything "better" than this, you might well make things worse.