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Any time that you have cats or dogs as house pets, a major health threat to an animal is worms, whether intestinal or respiratory. One of the most effective medications you can purchase in order to protect your canine from worms is either Drontal Dog Wormer or Panacur Wormer products. Dog wormers come in several shapes and sizes, and are chewable or can be sprinkled on food so are easy to administer, whatever your preference. These are some of the most professionally recommended products on the market.

Not sure which wormer to use? We highly recommend using Drontal. It is the top selling non-prescription wormer and is incredibly effective.

Drontal Dog Wormer is one of the most effective dog wormers available, and the version for cats is equally as powerful. These de-wormers are very effective at controlling and eliminating roundworms and tapeworms, whether it is in an adult dog or a puppy. The product is also available in chewable, flavoured tablets. However, the sprinkle type capsules are far easier to administer and there is a greater likelihood that your dog will ingest the medication this way rather than trying to get them to chew the tablets.

Additionally, Drontal is one of the most advantageous dog wormers because pregnant and lactating dogs can be treated with this medication without fear of contracting any of the negative side effects often associated with other de-worming products. Whether lactating, pregnant or not, this is an efficient treatment that should be administered every 90 days (3 months) in order to adequately maintain your dog's resistance to roundworms.

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