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Dodson & Horrell Comfrey Leaf for Horses

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Dodson & Horrell Comfrey Leaf is a widely used herb that promotes a quicker repair to bone, cartilage and connective tissue. It is also an excellent source for vitamin B12 which encourages the healing of wounds, fractures, bruises, sprains etc. The allantoin in comfrey speeds up the production of replacement cells, which promotes skin and flesh health.

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Bruised bone

18th Jan 2018

Hi, my horse has a bruised pedal bone(not fractured). He has just started 1-2 months of complete box rest. All vets suggested is thick bed and box rest, but I want best possible out come and help him much as possible.
How long does this product take to get in system etc, as been told wont work in time?


  • Veterinary Advisor

Some of the herb will be in the system as soon as you start to feed it but will have a cumulative effect over time. There is no clinical evidence to prove that comfrey leaf will speed up repair of bone but people do report good results after use. If money is not an issue I would give it a go since it won't do any harm.

Feeding amounts

15th Jan 2018

How much would you recommend giving a 16.3hh thoroughbred, currently on box rest with a fractured pedal bone, just wondered how many sacks to get and how much would one last, roughly! Many thanks.

  • Veterinary Advisor

Feeding guidelines:
Larger horses = 8 scoops per day
1 scoop (15ml) = 3g.*

On 8 scoops a day a 2.5kg bag would last roughly 100 days.

Comfrey oil for splints

14th Jul 2017

Would comfrey oil help reduce splints in a horse?

  • Veterinary Advisor

There are no studies to suggest that comfrey oil is effective in reducing splints though certainly won't do any harm if you wanted to try it. For a splint I would advise rest, cold hosing or ice boot for 20 mins twice daily and Compagel or Ekyflogyl topically. However both these products are prescription only so you would need to ask your vet about them.