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Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo

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A powerful insecticidal shampoo for the treatment of lice infestation as well as for killing and repelling flies. Ideal for routine coat care and when the risk of lice infestation is increased. A licensed veterinary medicinal product for use on horses.


A turquoise shampoo with lemon grass odour containing Piperonyl Butoxide (100%) 0.08% v/v added as Piperonyl Butoxide BP (Vet) and Pyrethrum Extract BP (Vet) 0.04% w/v.

Dosage and administration

Thoroughly saturate the coat with one part of the shampoo in ten parts of warm water, then pour the shampoo as required over the back of the animal. Rub this into a good lather adding more water as necessary. When clean, rinse thoroughly and dry. Take care to prevent the shampoo from entering the eyes of coming into contact with mucous membranes. This can be done by smearing petroleum jelly around these areas.

In case of lice infestation:

Use at least 1 litre of shampoo per horse and ensure that all parts of the body are shampooed. Leave in contact for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat 10–14 days later. To help prevent reinfestation, the horse's stable, blankets and grooming equipment etc should also be treated with a suitable insecticide.

Other Information

Dermoline Shampoo contains a conditioner and can be used as a routine grooming aid for horses and is ideal for preparing them for shows where the fly repellent properties of this shampoo are invaluable.

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Questions & Answers for Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo, including answers from our team.

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Dermaline for itchy face

27th Feb 2017
Angela Sharp (mob924124323)
  • VioVet Customer Since: February 2014
  • From: Santiago do Cacem, Portugal

Hello, for the last two summers one of my horses has suffered a very itchy face that has small scabs and bare patches. It starts in June and last year was particularly bad and he scarred himself from rubbing so badly. I live in Portugal located in a very warm area. I tried numerous products but nothing worked. My vet suggested Invermectin doses which I followed but it did not stop the problem. A lot of horse owners living in the Algarve reported the Same problem. Due to power of sun I have to be careful what I use and was wandering whether it would be safe to use something like an insecticide shampoo and Dermaline itch product. I think it must be an insect of some kind. It also coincides with the arrival of my hay, not sure if it is the case for other people's horses.
If there is another product or anything you can suggest I would be most grateful. I am ready to reorder my suppleness so will add your suggestions.
Many thanks

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Angela,

This sounds a lot like sweet itch. With this condition management and prevention is the key. Have you tried just putting a fly mask on so that the flies/midges cannot get to your horse's face? Also stabling at dawn and dusk when midges are most active is helpful and turning out away from water since this is where flies and midges tend to breed. Using a good fly repellent such as Deosect is important too.

In terms of medication you could speak to your vet about giving a long-acting steroid injection which helps to stop itching. For this to be successful it is best to give before the itching even starts (ie. before June). A steroid cream such as Fucidin H would also be helpful to put onto any itchy areas but this would require a prescription from your vet.

Lastly you could have a look at Cavalesse which is a neutraceutical product containing nicotinamide which is very successful for some horses if started early before any itching.

All of these products can be found on our website so have a look and see what you think although management, as I say, really is key here.

What animal can this shampoo be used on

28th Oct 2014

Many years ago I used to buy this product for use on my show dogs & cats it was fantastic can u tell me why it is no longer available for use on cats & dogs? or if there is a similar product available from the dermaline range?

  • Non-Executive Director

Dermoline products are marketed for horses, though sometimes they can be used on other species. You should always check with your own vet before doing this. The Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo contains an ingredient which is toxic to cats, so should never be used on them. These days the spot-on insecticides are so easy to use and effective that insecticidal shampoos for dogs are not in common use. They tend to be less effective and potentially more toxic.