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DermaPet LimePlus Dip for Horses

  • 473ml Bottle £28.49

LimePlus Dip is a sulphur concentrate designed to treat non-specific dermatological conditions without the use of antibiotics. Has anti-fungal and keratolytic properties and is found to help with demodex, dermatophytosis and sarcoptic mange. LimePlus Dip is intended for use primarily on horses. (It is manufactured in America and is used on dogs and other species there, but veterinary advice should be sought before doing this.) LimePlus dip has to be diluted in water and mixed well before use. It is then applied and left to dry on the coat. It has a strong and unpleasant odour in use.


Active ingredient

Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%.

Directions for use

Rubber gloves are recommended to avoid contact with skin.

  1. Pour 4 oz (118ml) of LimePlus Dip into one gallon (3.8 litres) of water.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Bathe animal prior to application.
  4. Rinse off shampoo.
  5. Pour diluted LimePlus Dip onto hair, coat and work into skin.
  6. Allow to dry.
  8. Apply only as directed by your veterinarian.
  9. If product dries around the container opening or cap,immerse sealed container in warm water for 15 minutes and shake well.

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Fly eggs/maggots on cobs legs

19th Aug 2015
fly eggs/maggots

After using so many products n over £400.00 vet fee my cob is left with flies laying eggs that hatch in to maggots. Nothing so far has worked, please is there anything that will kill the maggots n eggs plus stop the flys doing this? Ive used almost every fly repellent there is and im at a loose end now.

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Flies will normally only lay eggs onto areas which are warm, moist and dirty/smelly in some way. The maggots have to feed on moist, organic debris or they tend to die off anyway. Therefore it should be possible to prevent the problem you are having by keeping the affected area clean and dry. If this is not possible then there must be something more to the situation than I am aware of. Clipping away all hair and washing the area with antiseptic soap should be effective unless there are deep wounds or crevices. Your own vet will have to help you with this as I cannot see it. I am not sure that the Dermapet product will work either if the underlying factors are not right.

Could it be mites or malanders and salanders?

21st May 2015
cob with itchy legs

My cob made has itchy legs, particularly after exercise when she is hot. She has crusty areas behind both knees that are dry and not red or heated. Her feathers are so thick it is very difficult to get to see her skin but when I part the feather the skin on her legs is yellow, greasy and appears to have a dandruff type flake.
I have previously used pig oil and sulphur with no affect. Can limeplus help her? Should I clip her legs before applying?
All I want is for her to be happy and comfortable.

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Ideally you should have your vet examine this and suggest an appropriate treatment. Failing that, I would indeed clip all the feathers away carefully avoiding damaging the skin. The LimePlus Dip might well then be helpful as it often does help this type of condition. (It is quite a smelly product to use, but is often effective I believe.)

Rain scalds

12th May 2015
VioVet Visitor

my horse has rain scalds on his back he also suffers from flies he isn't very good when it comes to fly spray and so I'm finding it hard to conquer this problem he is part Appaloosa/ paint and mainly white should this product help as I am able to bath him without too much fuss

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

This product might well help, it is difficult to know in advance as results vary depending partly on the precise nature of the underlying condition. Generally speaking the most effective fly repellents contain DEET (Diethyl toluamide) and there are lots of products these days with this as the ingredient. For repelling flies you might find something with this in it which you could apply just as a liquid. The LimePlus smells pretty bad so that might keep flies away, though that is not its intended purpose.

Cob has scabs and sores will I have to wait before using this product

14th Nov 2014
Cob with itchy legs

I know my horse has mites and was going to buy this to get rid of them. He has scabs and one sore I have seen which I have been keeping clean and powder on. Will I need these fully healed before using this product as I don't want to hurt him.

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

This product is often used on horses with some sores on the skin. I suspect that some individual horses will feel it more than others, but most don't seem to care at all about it. It is up to you, you could try avoiding the most sore skin at first as you might have to repeat using it a few times anyway to clear everything up. It is worth noting that other horses can carry mites and show no signs, so even when it has cleared, it might come back at some point if this is the case.


20th Aug 2014
Mrs C Richardson
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2014
  • From: Cumbria, United Kingdom

When diluted at the prescribed rate how much solution will there be?

  • Web Developer

The solution should be diluted at the rate of 4 oz (118ml) to 1 gallon (3.8 litres). This would mean that one 473ml bottle would be suitable for 4 uses when mixed with 1 gallon each time.

Active ingredient in Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%.

12th Jun 2013

What are the ingredients in this?

  • Non-Executive Director

The active ingredient is Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%.