Danilon Equidos Gold 1.5 g Granules for Horses & Ponies

Danilon Equidos Gold 1.5 g Granules for Horses & Ponies
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**Brand Change**

The current product Danilon® Equidos has been changed to Danilon® Equidos Gold. This is a complete switch; the product Danilon Equidos has been discontinued, and the new product has replaced it.

This new product, Danilon Equidos Gold 1.5 g Granules for Horses and Ponies is a more concentrated formulation than the current (original) product (Danilon Equidos). The quantity of active substance per sachet remains the same (1.5 g suxibuzone) as the existing marketing authorisation but is presented in 3 g sachets compared to 10 g sachets. The new 500 mg/g strength in 3 g sachets is equivalent to the existing 150 mg/g product formulation in 10 g sachets.

This means there is no change in dose, one 3g sachet will provide exactly the same dose of medication as one 10g sachet.

For oral administration.
When added to a portion of feed the product will be accepted by most horses. The following should be used as a guide, according to individual response:

For a 480 kg bodyweight horse, the contents of 2 sachets should be administered twice daily (equivalent to 12.5 mg of suxibuzone/kg/day) for 2 days, followed by 1 sachet twice daily (6.25 mg of suxibuzone/kg/day) for 3 days. Thereafter, 1 sachet daily (3.1 mg of suxibuzone/kg/day) or on alternate days, or the minimum dose frequency necessary for a satisfactory clinical response.

Ponies should receive only half the dose rate recommended for horses. For a 240 kg bodyweight pony, the contents of 1 sachet should be administered daily (equivalent to 6.25 mg of suxibuzone/kg/day) for 2 days, followed by 1 sachet on alternate days. Thereafter, reduce to the minimum dose frequency necessary for a satisfactory clinical response. Hay, as part of the diet, may delay the absorption of suxibuzone and so the onset of clinical effect. It is advisable not to feed hay immediately prior to, or with the veterinary medicinal product. See also; Special precautions for use. If no clinical response is evident after 4-5 days, discontinue treatment and reconsider the diagnosis.
Part sachets should not be used.

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55 Arthritis help
Verified Purchase

By on 18 November 2023

Just to help the old man with pain relief after a foot abscess, vet also advised to help with his Arthritis in his hocks and neck to keep him comfortable.

Customer recommends this product

45 Satisfied customer
Verified Purchase

By on 8 November 2023

Helps my veteran stay mobile.
Cheaper than other suppliers.

Customer recommends this product

55 Good value for money
Verified Purchase

By on 25 October 2023

Excellent anti inflammatory

Customer recommends this product

55 Good value
Verified Purchase

By on 10 October 2023

I have Danilon prescribed for arthritis management in a 27 yr old TB. Buying the prescription and ordering from Viovet works out more economical than buying from my vet direct. Viovet prices are excellent and they dispatch quickly. Danilon keeps the old boy comfortable and moving

Customer recommends this product

45 Pain relief
Verified Purchase

By on 8 October 2023

This is an excellent product for my 30 year old large horse who has athritis

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Danilon Equidos Gold 1.5 g Granules for Horses & Ponies, including answers from our team.

20 October 2022 at 11:40am

Feeding Hay with Danilon

Mandy Mckirdy

I understand from the product description that feeding hay along side the medication will reduce it's effectiveness? If so how long after giving the meds do I need to wait before giving my horse his hay?

  • VioVet Staff

This would mean not feeding a whole hay net which would most likely cause delay in the absorption. Hay chaff and oak straw chaff if fed in a small amount with Danilon should not affect the absorption but to be cautious then we advise to feed any hay product at least an hour after Danilon dosing.

1 March 2017 at 10:10am

Regular order

Gordon Hutchings

  • VioVet customer since 2013
  • From: Devon, United Kingdom

Can we get regular order for danilon

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Gordon,

Yes you can, providing we have a prescription for this. It needs to allow 'repeats' so we can send it out as many times as the prescription allows.

I hope this helps.

9 December 2016 at 12:09pm

Can this be fed with supplements


My older horse has been described 1-2 sachets of danilon a day for arthritis just wondered if it would be ok to feed some tumeric and seaweed alongside the danilon

  • VioVet Staff

Yes, the supplements would have a different mode of action to the Danilon so it is fine to feed them all together.

17 September 2015 at 2:19pm

How to I get prescription of vet to you

Yvonne Halkyard

  • VioVet customer since 2015
  • From: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

How to I get prescription for danilon to you

  • VioVet Staff

You ask your vet for a written prescription, which will explain all about the medication required. Then you can scan it into your computer and email it to [email protected], or you can upload it to our website at the time you place your order, or you can take a photo of it with your phone and email that to us.

23 January 2015 at 11:28pm

Will my horse eat it?


I have trouble getting my horse to eat bute in his feed. Is Danilon more palatable or do people have problems getting there horse's to eat it in feed. My boy is quite fussy when different things added to his feed. Thank you!

  • VioVet Staff

These 2 products appear to be similar in how well horses will accept them in feed, though I am sure they do taste different from each other. Possibly your horse would go for Danilon better, but it seems that some horses are just very suspicious about any additions to what they eat. You are usually best to give medication along with a new, very palatable food which the horse is not familiar with and therefore has no expectation of what it will taste like. Combining this with the Danilon might well work. You would have to then only ever give that food item with Danilon, or your horse would learn to be suspicious of when it is "different".

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