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Company of Animals Catch Interactive Slow Cat Feeder

Company of Animals Catch Interactive Slow Cat Feeder
27 x 23 x 7cm

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  • 27 x 23 x 7cm £22.99


Catch is an interactive feeder which presents your cat a challenge as well as slowing their eating speed down. The purple spikes have been modelled on grass tufts so they can replicate the foraging and hunting that cats instinctively do. Perfect for cats that need to watch their weight or for those which love a challenge.

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55 Wonderful
Verified Purchase

By Martin Cook on 17 July 2016

This is a wonderful product.

My cat has to think about how to get her dry food out from it; I enjoy watching her using her brain as she moves around it trying different positions to get the best approach for a particular kibble. Inevitably this slows her eating down, which was the primary reason that I bought it but I now realise how important the puzzle element is as well.

I don't think that wet food would work in it but I haven't tried.

It is sturdily made, but I agree with another reviewer that it would be good to have a way of keeping it in one place on the floor, so for that reason I have removed a star from the quality score.

Nevertheless, this product is so good at achieving the intended result that overall I shall give full marks.

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15 Cat feeder
Verified Purchase

By Shelley Stanton on 22 June 2016

Useless .
Went back to putting small quantities of food in her bowl at a time, to prevent my cat gorging and then regurgitating.

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45 Wary at first, but gradually got used to it.
Verified Purchase

By Judi on 27 April 2015

At first my male cat who is on dry food would not go near this feeder. He was almost scared of it. I continued to use his normal bowl (with pebbles) but reducing the food quantity, and at the same time placed a few biscuits on the edge of the slow feeder where they were more accessible. Gradually he very gingerly began to take from the feeder. After a couple of weeks he was getting the hang of things, and became more adept at shuffling the biscuits aroung the prongs tothe edge or using his paw to hook and flick the biscuits out. He is now able to clear the feeder completely, and although he still tends to bolt them back once they come out, the feeder definitely slows things down.

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55 Recommended by vet
Verified Purchase

By Beryl White (humphrey110261) on 31 March 2015

My cat is overweight and the vet nurse recommended this to make home work and exercise more for his food

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55 our male cat gobbles his food
Verified Purchase

By Ms Erica Samantha Bolesworth (tweny on 9 January 2015

I ordered this product on Monday the 5th 2015, for our male cat, tried it out the same day , he soon sorted out how to use his paws to get to his kibble , tried it out on our female cat / males sister she did NOT take to it very well with kibble, but with meat WOW soon sorted her paws to scoop the meat up , as its MAINLY for her brother we put both kibble & meat , ONE very satisfied tummy full cat , going to KEEP using this for our male cat , as he really scoffs his food like no tomorrow .... thank you for a well fast delivery too ( IF I knew about this before when we had a problem with our male cat since he became OVER WEIGHT ( even tho that was not our fault ) we would have BOUGHT this from the beginning when we were getting him to slim down via recommendations of amount of food from our vets/nurse ...

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Company of Animals Catch Interactive Slow Cat Feeder, including answers from our team.

23 September 2016 at 6:27am

Dry or wet food

Amanda Jackson

  • VioVet customer since 2016
  • From: East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Is this only suitable for dry food or can it be used for wet food aswell?

  • Brand Manager

This product can be used for wet food although cats are likely to use their paws to help get the food toward the edge so they can eat it. Cleaning the feeder itself will be a little more difficult and you may get some food on the floor (which I'm sure your cat will do their best to clean up!) so using on a hard floor would be best, and it will still be an effective way of slowing down feeding time.