Cavalor Arti Mortion Equine Joint Supplement

Cavalor Arti Mortion Equine Joint Supplement
5 kg

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A cost effective joint supplement for horses that contains all the key ingredients necessary to maintain joint & tendon health.It contains nutrients such as collagen, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, etc. which are known for their beneficial effect on joints.Cavalor Arti Motion is used to maintain strong bones and joint flexibility in horses during the growth phase, horses that have just started working, older horses and also to provide support for sport horses.As a feed supplement for horse joints and connective tissue for: young and growing horses
 old horses with chronic joint problems sport horses in periods of heavy exertion (e.g., competition season)
 after a course of Cavalor Arti Matrix support healthy joints in all horses

The nutrients in Cavalor Arti Matrix are more focused on the nutritional support of horses with acute, severe or chronic problems. We recommend using Cavalor Arti Matrix during the first two months if such problems occur.Product Properties - Key Ingredients Type II hydrolysed collagen: Type II collagen produces fibre. This collagen fibre network supports the joints and strengthens tissue. Methylsulfonylmethaan (MSM): is an organosulphur compound. Sulphur is important for the muscles, joints, cartilage, bones and blood; MSM is the most easily absorbable and biologically available source of sulphur. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate: Glycosaminoglycans are vital building blocks for ligaments, tendons, bones and synovia (synovial fluid). The chondroitin sulphate we use has a low molecular weight, which means that it is easily absorbed into the horse’s body. Similar to other raw materials, quality is also a benchmark for price and effectiveness in this case. Cavalor® selects raw materials with the highest active ingredient content. For example, the chondroitin sulphate contains 90 % active ingredients. Organic (Intellibond & chelated) trace minerals copper, zinc, manganese: play a key part in the joint mechanism. Chelated minerals are more biologically available than inorganic trace minerals. Vitamin C: has a significant antioxidant function and is important for the absorption of the active ingredients. It increases immunity. Vitamin C : 25,000 mg / kg MSM : 140,000 mg / kg Glucosamine : 110,000 mg / kg Chondroitin Sulphate : 10,000 mg / kg Zinc : 11,113.2 mg / kg Copper : 1,250.1 mg / kg Manganese : 11,113.2 mg / kgFeeding Rate InformationFeed Rate (Pony | Horse) 30 g | 60 g per dayPack Size 2 KgPack Lasts (Pony | Horse) 66 | 33 daysMax Daily Feed Rate 200 g per day

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