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Cat Mate Glass Fitting Lockable Cat Flaps

  • Glass Fitting (210) » White £22.00

The attractive circular styling of this 4 way locking flap is popular for wooden panel doors in addition to glass and acrylic. It is particularly recommended for single/double glazing and very thin panels/screens. The number in brackets relates to the manufacturer's model number.


  • Doors/ Panel (self-lining thickness) - 30mm (1.25 Inches)
  • Overall Diameter - 245mm (9.63 Inches)
  • Cut out Diameter - 223mm (8.75 Inches)

Fitting Instructions

Please note that for double-glazed doors or windows a glazier may be required.

(A) Glass Doors

  1. We recommend that you ask a glazier to cut a hole of 8.75 inches (223mm) diameter in the position required, and then install the cat flap as detailed at 3 and 4 below. Alternatively, you may prefer to replace the glass panel with a clear plastic panel and install as detailed below.

Please Note - It is not possible to cut a hole in toughened glass.

(B) Wooden Doors, Plastic Panels and Screens

  1. Place a 223mm template in desired position on outside of door and draw round completely
  2. Cut out hole. This may be done by drilling a small hole and then using an electric jig-saw to cut to the inside of the drawn line. Be careful to cut hole square to door, particularly with thicker doors
  3. Position cat flap frame on outside of panel and screw interior cover to it using the appropriate screw/spacer combination for your thickness of panel, (see table below). Do not overtighten screws. Cover screwheads with the caps supplied.
  4. To train your cat to use the cat flap, prop it open, (eg with a clothes peg), at first and use food as an encouragement.
Door Thickness (mm) Short Screw Long Screw Spacer Under Screw Head
Up to 10 Yes No Yes
10 - 17 Yes No No
17 - 23 No Yes Yes
23 - 30 No Yes No
30 + Use 2 off 8g (Ø4.2) self tapping screws cut to length = door thickness + 12mm

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23rd Jul 2013

If cat flap is the wrong size can I send it back?

  • Non-Executive Director

As long as you let us know within a few days of it arriving, you can send it back for a full refund. We need all the packaging back and the product must be undamaged. (You would have to pay for return yourself.)