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Cat Litter and Toilets

Cats are notoriously easy to litter train as they are naturally inclined to go to the toilet in mud or sandy areas. Once a kitten has been introduced to the litter tray it will instinctively return to it, so your house is safeguarded from unpleasant waste within no time. VioVet offers a great range of litters, litter trays and useful accessories such as scoops and deodorisers to help maintain a sanitary, odourless environment.

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VetMedsDirect has been working alongside VioVet to bring you a wider range of products, including prescription medications. VetMedsDirect has been owned and run by VioVet since 2015, and has been operating since then from the same premises in Luton, Bedfordshire.

VetMedsDirect has now been fully merged with VioVet. If you had an account with VetMedsDirect you can securely login with your same details on the VioVet website and there will be no delay or disruption to the supply of your pet products.

Thank you for being a VetMedsDirect customer, we are confident that you will be just as satisfied with what VioVet can offer you and your pets!

If you'd like more information about the company merge, you can read more on our blog.