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Buster Dog Maze Bowl

  • Black » Mini (26cm x 21cm) £16.99
  • Blue » Mini (26cm x 21cm) £16.99
  • Blue » Standard (40cm x 33cm) £25.49
  • Grey » Mini (26cm x 21cm) £16.99
  • Lime » Mini (26cm x 21cm) £14.99
  • Lime » Standard (40cm x 33cm) £25.49
  • Pink » Mini (26cm x 21cm) £16.99
  • Pink » Standard (40cm x 33cm) £21.49

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The Buster Dog Maze is a brilliant way to make mealtimes more stimulating for your dog. It also helps digestion for dogs who eat too quickly. Dry kibble is a very boring meal for your dog, as it is easy to pick up and takes very little effort to eat. In the wild a wolf would have to catch prey, tear it open and pull parts off the carcass to eat, which is a lot more work than eating kibble out of a bowl.

The mini bowl has a groove depth of 32.5mm and a total height of 44mm, the standard bowl has a groove depth of 57.5mm and a total height of 64mm.

The Dog Maze means that your dog must work each individual piece of kibble through a spiral pattern maze with their mouth, nose and paws before they are able to eat it. Mealtimes take longer and are more satisfying for your dog, as there is a sense of each mouthful being an achievement that they have worked for.

Made from durable high quality Beige plastic the Buster Dog maze is easy to keep hygienically clean, as it is dishwasher safe. Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

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