Broadline for Cats

Broadline for Cats
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Broadline is the latest all-round parasite treatment for cats. It is easily applied to the back of the neck as a simple spot-on and then provides effective treatment against all major internal and external parasites.

It contains a range of ingredients to produce a powerful effect against fleas, ticks, internal roundworms and tapeworms. At the time of introduction, this is the widest range of parasites treated by one simple medication available for cats.

Broadline is applied once a month for complete parasite control in cats.

Pre-Launch Information

A new product has taken a leap closer to joining Advocate and Stronghold in the fight to be called the UK's 'top feline anti-parasitic'. Merial have furthered their leading flea and tick treatments 'Frontline' and 'Frontline Combo' and taken things not one, but two steps further . In order to beat products currently seen as 'the best', Merial had to come up with something that does that little bit extra; Broadline is a broad spectrum insecticidal, miticidal, anthelmintic spot on, able to provide total coverage of common feline parasites.

Broadline contains four active ingredients: fipronil, (S)-methoprene, praziquantel and eprinomectin. As an E-SQP reading about this for the first time, I immediately recognised and could relate to three of the active ingredients. Eprinomectin was a new name to me but I was at least able to link it to a group of wormers, the macrocyclic lactones (MLs)- quite exciting as I realised this meant that roundworms, fleas, ticks and tapeworms were all covered in one treatment. Furthermore, MLs are also highly effective against both lice and mites, conveying greater protection as an endectoside.

I am sure SQPs who have studied the Farm Animal Module will be familiar with the Merial's POM-VPS 'Eprinex Pour-On', a topical solution for cattle containing eprinomectin. If like me you hadn't heard of it, it is still clear to see that it only seems natural to try and combine active ingredients from two successful products.

I've never been one to just accept that something does a job- I need an explanation because quite frankly, I would forget its importance otherwise! I started looking into eprinomectin and found that it is a semi-synthetic avermectin, indeed a derivative of MLs. In keeping with a ML mechanism of action, eprinomectin binds to invertebrate ligand-gated ion channels and in particular, has a high affinity for glutamate-gate chloride channels (GluCls) and exerts anti-parasitic properties by causing neurotoxicosis. GluCls play vital roles in feeding, locomotion and other behaviours. When a ML such as eprinomectin binds to and opens these channels, the cell membrane is made more permeable to chloride ions. Subsequent influx of ions produces hyperpolarisation of either the muscle or nerve cell and paralysis which ultimately leads to death of the parasite. Mammals do not have GluCls and eprinomectin has low affinity for other ligand-gated ion channels mammals possess. Additionally, while the chemical is absorbed into the bloodstream, it is unable to cross the blood-brain barrier and along with other MLs well known to E-SQPs such as ivermectin, is very safe.

Alongside eprinomectin's action against the wide range of roundworms, lice and mites, the remaining three active ingredients target fleas, ticks and tapeworms. Fipronil and (S)-methoprene are renowned for their efficacy against fleas, working in different ways to break their life cycle. Fipronil acts through non-competitive inhibition of insect GABA receptors, blocking flow of ions and leaving the central nervous system uncontrolled, resulting in death of the adult fleas. It is effective against ticks in the same way. Females are sterilised by (S)-methoprene, as it mimics an insect hormone to prevent sexual development and further build up of eggs in the environment. Praziquantel delivers the final blow to the yet untouched tapeworm population, leaving them paralysed and unable to resist digestion by the host. They lose hold of their position in the gut and are either fully digested and or passed out in fragments.

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45 Arrived on time.
Verified Purchase

By on 21 October 2022

Shot out a tad too swiftly.

Customer recommends this product

55 Doesn’t like pills
Verified Purchase

By on 23 January 2020

Great product or cat hates to take tablets she gets stressed, being able to give her worming and flea treatment externally in a syringe is fantastic no stress for Minxsie no stress for us

Customer recommends this product

2 people found this review helpful

55 Excellent service, good value for money
Verified Purchase

By on 6 July 2019

Excellent product.

Customer recommends this product

2 people found this review helpful

15 Harmful

By on 28 May 2019

Burnt through my cats fur within seconds of using it. Do not use

Customer does not recommend this product

1 person found this review helpful

VioVet's Response:

Hi Carol, We're very sorry to hear your cat had a reaction to this product. We would advise contacting the manufacturers directly to log this complaint as they may want to investigate further. Hope your cat recovers soon.

Posted on 30th May 2019

55 Easy to use
Verified Purchase

By on 23 December 2018

Covers most cat I infestations in one easy to use monthly application

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Broadline for Cats, including answers from our team.

15 February 2021 at 5:59pm



Does broadline treat giardia parasites?

  • VioVet Staff

Broadline covers fleas, ticks, mites, roundworms and tapeworms but not Giardia. If you are looking to cover this then I recommend using fenbendazole, e.g. Panacur. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you would like further advice on doses.

24 October 2020 at 9:47pm

Side effects

Anthony Hawley

Can Broadline cause diarrhoea in cats?

  • VioVet Staff

If applied correctly then diarrhoea is not a listed side effect of Broadline. If the product is accidentally ingested though then it can be. If your cat is experiencing diarrhoea after applying Broadline which has been purchased from our site then please contact our customer services so we can report this for you and help you further.

12 February 2018 at 12:37am

Does Broadline eradicate fleas in the home environment?


Can repeated (monthly) use of Broadline lead to eradication of flea infestations in the home environment? If so, how long would this process of eradication take? Thanks.

  • VioVet Staff

If all pets in the home are treated consistently then any fleas jumping on to them should be killed before they have chance to reproduce. So in theory treating monthly could lead to eradication. However, if the fleas can find any host to feed on and reproduce then the infestation will continue. Fleas can survive up to 5 months in the environment and so it is best to treat with a household spray such as Indorex, wash bedding etc and hoover as well as treating the cats.

2 December 2017 at 6:31pm


Charley Scott

What is the soonest you can re treat an average size cat?
We have 5 & they are out of synch with each other. We are in the process of treating the house but are finding it difficult with 2 young children. We wonder if them being out of synch with treatments is contributing to us still noticing fleas on the lighter coloured cats.

  • VioVet Staff

You can use Broadline again after a month. It is a good idea to get them all in sync- each cat can be treated once a month at the same time then you don't lose track of which cat needs treating when. As you say it is also very important to treat the house thoroughly. Fleas will live in carpets, furniture, curtains, beds, blankets etc and will jump back onto your cats. Even if the cats are treated it will then take around 24hrs before the new fleas are killed. Once you manage to treat the house I expect you will not notice the fleas anymore.

17 February 2016 at 4:27pm

Can teated cat be safely around other cats?

Ann Flanagan Longford

How soon after application can the cat safely mix with other cats bearing in mind cats sometimes lick each other?

  • VioVet Staff

As soon as the solvent has evaporated away, it should be completely safe for cats to mix. This takes a few hours usually. The product does not taste very nice to cats and so any companions will usually not lick at it anyway.

7 September 2015 at 9:00pm


Ann Mayer

  • VioVet customer since 2014
  • From: Middx, United Kingdom

How effective is Broadline with regard to giardia?

  • VioVet Staff

Broadline has no claimed activity against Giradia and I would not expect it to be useful at all in this way. The benzimidazoles are more likely to be helpful, such as fenbendazole (Panacur and other brands).

26 August 2015 at 8:08pm

The cat gets wet due to rain, does it effective if apply was on that day before it went out at night


I apply Broadline around midday, at ten evening our cat goes out for the night, he gets wet occasionally, would this affect the strength from the broadline or is there a time that we should cat kept in so didn't get wet?

  • VioVet Staff

It's advisable to avoid bathing or allowing a cat to get very wet within 2 days following administration, but being out for a short period in light rain should be okay. To be on the safe side, it would be best to keep him inside overnight if it looks like it will rain (although he would probably find somewhere to hide).

It's thought that coming into contact with water one or two times through the month shouldn't significantly decrease efficacy, although this has not yet been tested with Broadline.

2 August 2015 at 8:07am

How long does it take to work?


i applied broadline onto my cat 2 days ago and treated the house yesterday however this monrning i seen a flea on her. How long does broadline take to kill the fleas and is this normal or ahould i reapply broadline?

  • VioVet Staff

You should not re-apply it yet. There is no chance of eliminating every flea from the environment this quickly. It is most likely the the flea you have seen has only recently jumped onto your cat. It will soon be killed by the Broadline anyway. This process can go no for a while, depending how heavy the flea burden within the environment is. The things you have done will gradually prove effective, but are unlikely to be 100% effective from day one. (Flea treatments have to be safe for you and your pets. They are effective against fleas, but will not kill every single one instantly.)

21 July 2015 at 8:50pm

Does it work if the cat already has parasites


My cat is under the weather and being sick. Giving her broardline is a little over giving her the broardline will it get rid of any parasites or worms she has? Or does it just prevent them?

  • VioVet Staff

Broadline should kill most, if not all, of the parasites present at the time of dosing. It then has a protective effect for some while, though this varies a bit with the type of parasite.

10 July 2015 at 11:13am

Prescription requirement


is a fresh prescription required for each order of 6 pipettes

  • VioVet Staff

Your vet is able to prescribe multiple packs or authorise 'repeats' on a prescription for you if they feel it is suitable, and this will allow you to use the same prescription a specified number of times. This saves time and money going back for a new prescription and for long-term medication like Broadline, it is very useful.

If your vet is happy to give you a repeat prescription, we will have all of the details on your account, and will keep track of the number of packs dispensed and the number of packs remaining on the prescription. You can track your remaining repeats in the 'Prescriptions' section of your VioVet account.

Delivery Information