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Boredom Breaker Healthy Fruit Salad for Small Animals

  • 125g Bag £2.20

Boredom Breaker's Healthy Fruit Salad sprinkles a little sunshine in to your pet's day with a touch of fruit salad added to their usual diet. A wonderful mix of carefully dried fruits and vegetables including rosehips, mountain ash berries, leeks and parsnips.

Ideal for all small animals.

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21st Jun 2014

This states it is suitable for hamsters and that it contains leeks, however leeks are poisonous to hamsters? Care to explain VioVet??

  • Brand Manager

While we are not the manufacturer of this product, I have looked into the claim that leeks are poisonous to hamsters for you.

Leeks belong to a group of vegetables called the alliums, which includes onions and garlic. These vegetables contain levels of a compound known as thiosulphate which in some animals can cause red blood cell lysis, leading to anaemia. Onions and garlic are particularly high in this compound and are avoided in the diets of dogs, cats and small animals, while they do not affect humans as much.

Leeks have a lower concentration of thiosulphate but are extremely rich in valuable anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Feeding a very small amount of leek in a complimentary foodstuff to a hamster / as part of any small animal's diet will provide a large amount of good nutrients, and a small amount of thiosulphate.

I believe that the manufacturer, Rosewood Pet Products, will have carefully formulated this product to ensure that the levels of leek in the product are safe when fed as intended (only a small part of an animal's diet).

I have checked the ingredient composition, and leeks make up just 1% of the food. I assume that the manufacturer believes that the benefits will outweigh the disadvantage of having a tiny amount of thiosulphate in the diet. There are many things that we humans eat that if consumed in excess would be harmful, but in small amounts are okay or beneficial.

Rosewood have stated on the back that the product should be fed sparingly to chinchillas and that it is not recommended for degus, so I am confident that they will have created this product very carefully with the health of animals in mind and it will not be poisonous to your hamster. I hope I have helped but if you have further queries about the product, we would recommend that you contact Rosewood directly about the formulation.