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Bob Martin Clear Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats

  • 4 Week Treatment (1 Pipette) £3.59
  • 12 Week Treatment (3 Pipettes) £6.49
  • 24 Week Treatment (6 Pipettes) £8.50

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£3.59 to £8.50

For cats and kittens from 12 weeks old. Bob Martin Clear Spot On is the extremely safe, simple and effective way to treat and prevent flea infestation on your Cat or Kitten. Each treatment of this easy to apply, odourless solution helps to repel fleas from your cat.

In addition to this flea treatment you may require an additional household spray to combat fleas which may not have yet hatched or dormant fleas in and around the house. Please click here to see the range of household sprays available.

Directions for use

Direct application from tube.

Take one tube from the pack and snip the end off the nozzle.

Part your cat’s fur at the nape of the neck, between the shoulder blades. Apply all the solution directly onto your cat’s skin.

Avoid rubbing the solution into the fur as this will reduce its performance. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Active ingredient

28th Jun 2014

What is the active ingredient in this product?

  • Non-Executive Director

This product contains 2 different repellents against fleas and ticks. It does not kill them, but tends to make them not want to be on your cat. One is the herbal repellent Margosa, the other is the manufactured chemical ethylbutylacetylaminopropionate. They are dissolved in a form of ether which evaporates away leaving the repellents on the skin. None of the ingredients are absorbed through the skin and both are regarded as very safe. (They are used on people including young children too.)