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Blue Chip GARLIQ Liquid Garlic

  • 1 litre Bottle £14.99

Blue Chip GARLIQ Liquid Garlic is made from oil from organically grown Spanish garlic and is blended and packaged in human grade facilities. It is highly palatable quickly absorbed and has a feeding rate of just 15ml per horse per day making it highly cost effective.

- Easy to use
- Fast acting
- Better absorbed
- Made with organic garlic

Benefits of Feeding GARLIQ

- Faster and better absorption. As a liquid Garliq is absorbed into the horse’s bloodstream and transported around the body faster and more efficiently than a powdered or granulated form of garlic, ensuring that your horse gets the maximum benefit.

- Flies and insects. The sweat produced by horses fed Garliq has an odour that keeps flies and biting insects away.

- Antioxidants. Garliq is packed full of free-radical neutralising antioxidants.

- Respiration. Garliq helps to maintain healthy airways and supports lung integrity.

- Worming. Garliq has been shown to deter tapeworms, pinworms and roundworms, but this should not replace the use of regular wormers.

- Inflammation. Garliq contains substances which have anti-inflammatory properties.

*Sold in a convenient easy to use twin-neck 1 litre bottle, its concentrated formula will last over 2 months.

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