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Blooming Pets Pro Choice Vits and Mins

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  • 1kg Tub £11.27

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Blooming Pets Pro Choice Vits and Mins (formerly Advantage Feed Balancer) is a blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for dogs and cats, to build strength, good muscle line and a healthy coat. Based on rice with dried yeast, Bioplex organic minerals, Probiotics with a Pre Biotic to feed them, and Deodorase, a yucca based product to reduce smells from faeces.


Oil 6.5%

Protein 17.5%

Fibre 3.1%

Ash 15.8%

Vitamin A 125,000 iu/kg

Vitamin D3 25,000 iu/kg

Vitamin E 340 iu/kg

Vitamin B1 155 mg/kg

Vitamin B2 160 mg/kg

Vitamin B6 110 mg/kg

Vitamin B12 2750 mg/kg

Vitamin C 300 mg/kg

Biotin 17 mg/kg

Zinc Methionate 3000 mg/kg

Pantothenic Acid 260 mg/kg

Nicotinic Acid 420 mg/kg

Choline 3000 mg/kg

Calcium 4.25%

Phosphorous 3.465%

Sodium 1.0%

Magnesium 800 mg/kg

Folic Acid 100 mg/kg

Vitamin K 225 mg/kg

Zinc 550 mg/kg

Lysine 1500 mg/kg

Iron 1200 mg/kg

Copper 275 mg/kg

Cobalt 25 mg/kg

Iodine 17 mg/kg

Selenium 6 mg/kg

Manganese 1000 mg/kg

Methionine 3000 mg/kg

Bio-Mos 2000 mg/kg

Bio Zinc 150 mg/kg

Bio Copper 100 mg/kg

Bio Manganese 200 mg/kg

Bio Cobalt 250 mg/kg

Bio Selenium 3 mg/kg

Bio Chromium 1000 mg/kg

Bio Iron 200 mg/kg

Probiotics, Lactobacillus Acidophilus &

Bio Magnesium 1000 mg/kg

Bifidobacterium 2 billion cfu’s/gram Pre biotic 1000 mg/kg

Feeding Guideline

Small (7.5 kg or less) ½ measure

Medium (8 kg – 22 kg) 1 measure store at 10- 20 degrees C

Large (22 kg – 32 kg) 1 ½ measures

Extra Large (32 kg upwards) 2 measures

A 600 g tub will last a medium sized dog for 1 month

For cats:

Average cat ½ measure

1 measure = 20 grams.

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31st Jul 2016
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2015
  • From: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

How long does a 600g and 1kg pot last , for a 40kg and 10kg dog ?

  • Meds Advisor

Good Morning,

Thank you for your question, Your 40kg dog will require 2 Measures (40g) per day and your 10kg dog will require 1 Measure (20g), this is a total of 60g daily between both of them.

The 600g will approximately last 10 days and the 1kg will approximately last 16 days.

I do hope this helps, if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.