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Bisolvon Oral Powder

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Bisolvon powder is added to food once or twice daily. It is used in dogs, cats, pigs and cattle. Bisolvon acts to help clear mucus from the respiratory tract and is useful where the accumulation of mucus might be detrimental. This occurs in respiratory infections and some other respiratory diseases. It is possible that Bisolvon increases the concentration of some antibiotics within the mucus when given concurrently, though this has not been proven to be of benefit.


Powder for oral solution or in-feed use. Each gram contains 10 mg bromhexine hydrochloride per gram.


Bisolvon is a mucolytic for use as an aid to the treatment of respiratory disease in cattle, pigs, dogs and cats where mucus is a complicating factor.

Cattle, calves, pigs, piglets, dogs and cats

- all respiratory infections.

Dosage and administration

For oral administration in the feed or drinking water. Add to feed or drinking water immediately before administration.

Table 1: Bisolvon Powder Dosage Guide


Dose of Bromhexine Hydrochloride (mgkg−-1)

Total Daily Dose of Powder



Duration of treatment (d)


0.5 mg/kg

5 g/100 kg

once daily

5 days


0.2-0.5 mg/kg

2-5 g/100 kg

once daily

5 days


2.0 mg/kg

2g/10 kg

twice daily

5 days


1.0 mg/kg

0.5g /5kg

once daily

7 days


Bodyweight (kg)

Dose of Bisolvon Powder (g)

No. of white (5 g) scoops

No. of blue (0.5g) scoops






























The 100g and 500g packs contain a white scoop, delivering approximately 5 g when filled level. The sachet pack contains blue measuring scoops delivering approximately 0.5g when filled level, suitable for small animal doses.

Table 1 illustrates use of these measures on a per scoop basis.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Not for use in cows producing milk for human consumption.

Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste material derived from such veterinary medicinal products should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of accidental eye contact, flush the affected eye with copious amounts of clean running water. Wash hands and exposed skin after administering the product.

Withdrawal Periods

Cattle - 2 days

Pigs - Zero days

Pharmaceutical precautions

Store below 25°C. Store in a dry place.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Keep container in outer carton.

Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label and carton.

After opening a sachet, use the contents within a few days and re-seal as well as possible between doses. Any unused material should be discarded within 7 days. Discard any remaining medicated feed or drinking water which is not consumed within 24 hours.

Legal category


Packaging Quantities

40×5 g sachets.

Further information

May be used in conjunction with antibiotics and/or sulphonamides, bronchodilators etc. Bisolvon has been shown to increase mucocillary clearance in calves suffering from respiratory disease.

When Bisolvon is administered simultaneously with oxytetracycline in cattle and pigs, the levels of the antibiotic in the bronchial mucus are considerably increased (by more than 40%). The clinical significance of this action is uncertain.

Marketing authorisation number

Vm 00015/4072.

GTIN (Global Trade Item No)

Bisolvon 10 mg/g Oral Powder


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How long does it take to work

14th Mar 2014

My cat has been put on bisolvon by the vet for cat flu.he has been on it for 24hrs when will I notice it is working

  • Non-Executive Director

Nothing will suddenly make your cat completely better. Bisolvon often helps to clear the airways a little, but it is not very powerful and cat flu is not easy to treat. You have to give the treatment a bit more time perhaps. Otherwise, see your vet again.


17th Jul 2013

I would like to know if bisolvon can be used in poultry too?

  • Non-Executive Director

Bisolvon can be used in poultry and is effective. 1 sachet per 10kg bodyweight has been used as a dose, once or twice daily. Always talk to your own vet about this first. Standard withdrawal periods should be followed where applicable.