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Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Dogs & Cats

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  • Small/Medium Dog (under 20kg) » 5 Pipettes £8.05

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Biospotix is 100% natural and insecticide free. It provides a completely natural way to protect your pet from fleas, ticks and mosquitos.

Biospotix contains the natural ingredient geraniol, which is the primary part of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. Geraniol also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils. Biospotix pipettes contain 0.75% geraniol and distilled water. Biospotix is a completely insecticide-free flea treatment and flea repellent.

Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Cats

Biospotix pipettes applied to your pet’s neck and back as directed will provide optimal repellent protection from fleas, ticks and mosquitos if renewed every 4 weeks.

Directions For Use

Cut the pipette and apply directly on the skin from the neck to the tail.

Immediate Action

Renew every 4 weeks for optimal protection. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Can be applied to kittens, aged over 3 months.


Small Cats = Half A Pipette

Large Cats = Whole Pipette

Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Small/Medium Dogs

Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Dogs is a 100% natural solution to protect efficiently your dog from external parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitos)

Directions For Use

Cut the pipette and apply directly on the skin from the neck to the tail.

Immediate Action

Renew every 4 weeks for optimal protection. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Can be applied to puppies, aged over 3 months.


Dogs under 10kg = 1 Pipette

Dogs under 20kg - 2 Pipettes

Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Large/XL Dogs

Biospotix XL Dog Spot On protects your dog from external parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and lice as well as helps to prevent new infestations. Biospotix disrupts the respiratory system of the insect. They are then repelled and removed naturally with no side effects occurring to your pet.

Directions For Use

Cut the pipette and apply directly on the skin from the neck to the tail.

Immediate Action

Renew every 4 weeks and treat your dog environment for optimal protection. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for dogs over 3 months old.


One pipette = One application

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Questions & Answers for Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Dogs & Cats

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

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A safe product for my dog honey patterdale terrier

27th Apr 2016
Margaret Winyard
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2012
  • From: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Honey is epeleptic and my vet today said she cannot have a flea treatment with toxins in it must be natural and holistic as she has to take phenobarbtone is this flea treatment safe for her

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

I would say that phenobarbitone does give the liver a bit of a "hammering" and so there is sense in trying not to make things worse. However I would have to question the logic of the thinking behind your email. Flea treatments which are effective contain toxins, otherwise they would not work. The idea is that the toxin will be effective against fleas but have little or no effect on your dog. All the licensed spot-on flea treatments, such as Frontline or Advantage, are like this. They have virtually no toxic effects on dogs, even when they are taking phenobarbitone medication, so they are regarded by most vets as safe and good to use. Biospotix is probably less likely to have a toxic effect on your dog, so if that is true it is probably safer. However because it is not a licensed medication, the scientific tests for safety, quality and efficacy which licensed medications go through have simply not been done. That means we can make our best judgment about Biospotix, but we are making an educated guess. It probably is safe because it does not contain known insecticides. However it is probably much less effective, meaning your dog might well still have fleas. The most appropriate treatment might well depend on the level of flea challenge there is - if you never see fleas then I might be tempted to use Biospotix, but I would monitor closely for signs of fleas and I would happily give Advantage (for example) to a dog with fleas, even if it is on phenobarbitone. If you will permit me to comment about "holistic", it just means treating the whole patient rather than any particular symptom. All good vets will do that. Taking into account the very unnatural and potentially toxic medication phenobarbitone is something all vets should do. It is probably much more "natural" to have fits, but that does not make it wrong to take an anti-convulsant chemical like phenobarbitone. At one time it was perfectly natural for people to encounter Small Pox virus and it killed huge numbers of them. The Small Pox vaccine is very unnatural, produced in a laboratory, but most of us would think it is a good thing. Nobody dies of Small Pox nowadays and the disease is confined to history, but that is not "natural". There is an understandable mistrust of many modern pharmaceutical products, but attaching the words "natural" and "holistic" to other things does not actually make them any better. I do believe you should be safe to use Biospotix but you might need a more effective treatment at some point. If so, I think you should be fine to use one of the licensed medications. Generally speaking, the less toxic a product is, the less effective it is too. That often means that the safest products do very little good too. Luckily many problems get better anyway in time. The balance between potential benefit and potential harm is taken into account with every medication every vet prescribes and that is taking a holistic view in the literal sense of the word. Many of the effective herbal treatments do also have potential side effects. Most have them have not been tested properly so these effects are not fully understood, but being "natural" does not mean "safe". For a long time our most effective treatment for many serious heart problems was the herb Foxglove. It helped huge numbers of people and dogs, but it is desperately toxic if you get the dose wrong. Luckily science has produced a number of much better medications now so we do not need to use it very often. Digoxin tablets (the main ingredient in Foxglove) are still prescribed a bit though. (There are in fact newer and potentially safer treatments and combinations of treatments for epilepsy than phenobarbitone, so I might be tempted to explore that avenue at some point.)

Good luck with whatever you choose and I hope your dog's treatments always go well, you are no doubt a very caring person. Please forgive my late afternoon rant.

Flea Treatment

11th Jul 2014
Eniko Uveges


My question is that the Biospotix Flea Treatment Spot On product is for prevention or actual treeatment after my pet has been infected.Does it work on flea eggs as well?

<Many thx

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

This is a safe and natural product. It is expected to be free from bad side effects but along with that goes the acceptance that it is not extremely powerful. It will not kill any fleas and it will have no effect on their eggs. What it does is make your pet "smell" unpleasant and unattractive to fleas and other biting pests and insects. As such it is much more effective as a preventative than a cure. The main principle behind this is that the number of fleas your pet will come across outside is not huge. However the occasional flea will jump on your pet outside and then be transported into your home. These fleas then breed and produce a large flea population in the home, which is very difficult to control.

I would expect that Biospotix will reduce the likelihood of fleas jumping onto your pet in the first place. Pets which tend not to have flea problems will be further protected in a safe way. Pets with a significant flea problem (ie lots of fleas in the environment and limited other possible hosts) might benefit minimally from the product.