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Berriewood BARF Breeder Packs

Berriewood BARF Breeder Packs Berriewood BARF Breeder Packs Berriewood BARF Breeder Packs
Chicken (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Chicken (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Chicken (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g
Chicken/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Chicken/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Chicken/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g
Lamb (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Lamb (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Lamb (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g
Meat/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Meat/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Meat/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g
Ox Cheek (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Ox Cheek (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Ox Cheek (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g
Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g

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  • Chicken (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g £13.99
  • Chicken/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g £16.49
  • Lamb (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g £24.49
  • Meat/Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g £17.49
  • Ox Cheek (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g £19.99
  • Tripe (Breeder Pack) » 25 x 454g £21.49

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The BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a diet consisting of only uncooked meats, bone, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Dogs, like humans are omnivores, not just meat eaters and like us they require a balanced diet. The BARF diet is designed to mimic the evolutionary natural diet of the dog. Initially, like his ancestor the wolf, he was a hunter. Therefore, the ideal food for our dog is the same as the food of its cousins in the wild, i.e. the total prey. The wolf not only eats the muscles and organs, but also the contents of stomach and intestines. The stomach of the prey is filled with pre-digested grains, vegetables and fruit.

The BARF diet is suitable for all breeds from puppies to old dogs, even working dogs. Many commercial foods offer different types of food for age, breed and activity level. In nature the wolf does not have a choice of high protein meats or low fat meats, it is simply the quantity eaten that alters. Until they are 4 months old pups in the wild have priority when feeding. They can eat first, simply because they need more food. An old dog, a dog that is not very active or an overweight dog does not need different food, simply less food.
When feeding the BARF diet we advise you to give your dog a natural snack or bone immediately after his meal. This extends the time the dog is busy with food in a natural way. When chewing a natural snack after its meal, it develops enzymes which digest his meal better.

Don't be afraid of your dog choking on chicken bones as raw bones are soft and your dog will chew and swallow them. The calcium in the bones is also very healthy for them. You should however keep an eye on your dog when he is eating a bone, especially if this is his first time. Once he is used to getting meat and bone on a regular basis, he will slow down and take his time.

Feeding Guide

To serve simply remove packaging and stand in a cool place until thawed.

Small breeds (1 - 10Kg)
250g - 390g of meat mixed with 1g - 10g of Veg & Herb mix

Medium Breeds (11 - 25Kg)
400g - 550g of meat mixed with 11 - 25g of Veg & Herb Mix

Large Breeds (26 - 44Kg)
551g - 750g of meat mixed with 26g - 44g of Veg & Herb Mix

Giant Breeds (44+Kg)
750g (or as required) of mest mixed with 75g of Veg & Herb Mix

Product Name


Analytical Constituents


50% Chicken, 50% Tripe.

Protein 15%, Oil & Fats 13%, Moisture 68%, Ash 3%.


100% Minced Chicken Carcass. 40% Meat. 50% Bone. 10% Cartilage

Protein 15%, Oil & Fats 14%, Moisture 67%, Ash 5%.


50% Lamb Heart, 50% Lamb

Protein 15%, Oil & Fats 16%, Moisture 67%, Ash 2%.


50% Tripe, 25% Hearts, 25% Cuts.

Protein 15%, Oil & Fats 13%, Moisture 68%, Ash 3%.

Ox Cheek

100% Ox Cheek.

Protein 16%, Oil and Fats 15%, Moisture 68%, Ash 2%.


100% Tripe.

Protein 13%, Oil & Fats 11%, Moisture 74%, Ash 2%.

Chicken Carcass

100% Chicken carcasses

Protein 16%, Oil & Fats 17%, Moisture 62%, Ash 4%.

Chicken Wings

100% Chicken wings

Protein 18%, Oil & Fats 10%, Moisture 66%, Ash 5%.

Poultry Necks

Chicken Necks

Protein 19%, Oil & Fats 11%, Moisture 65%, Ash 4%.

Raw Bones Large

100% Beef Knuckles

Protein 17%, Oil & Fats 24%, Moisture 27%, Ash 37%.

Raw Bones S/M

Small = Pork Bones, Medium = Beef shank bones

Protein 17% Oil & Fats 24% Moisture, 27% Ash, 37%.


Keep frozen until use.

This product is intended for working dogs.

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45 Good service
Verified Purchase

By on 25 November 2020


Customer recommends this product

35 Made dogs itch
Verified Purchase

By on 8 September 2020

Our dogs have had tripe from other sources but this one made two of our dogs itch like mad. However, the dogs loved the taste and woofed it down

Customer does not recommend this product

35 Good
Verified Purchase

By on 22 August 2020

It’s good my dog love it.

Customer recommends this product

45 Good for her tum
Verified Purchase

By on 18 July 2020

Since putting her on raw tummy troubles are a lot less frequent

Customer recommends this product

55 Dogs love it
Verified Purchase

By on 17 July 2020

Convenient way to raw feed and for the first time the dogs are actually waiting for their dinner

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Berriewood BARF Breeder Packs, including answers from our team.

7 January 2020 at 11:07pm

Puppy feeding

Nic Garvey

Hi! I have a 13 week old German Shepherd. We last weighed her on Monday at 9.1kg. I’m currently feeding homemade, but couldn’t do without the work!!! I’m struggling a little with how much to order as her weight increases and we don’t have masses of freezer space. Any tips?! Thanks!!

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Nic,

Thanks for getting in touch. Are you currently feeding a mix of meat, offal, fruit and veg? If so and you'd like her to go onto a 'complete' raw food then I'd recommend trying something like:

Nutriment Raw Complete Puppy 20 x 500g
Cotswold Raw Puppy 1 x 1kg
Poppy's Picnic 1 x 450g

The Cotswold & Poppy's Picnic can be ordered in single trays so you can work out how much might fit into yout freezer.

For these complete diets, usually puppies need to be fed 8-10% of their body weight up to the age of 4 months (so at the moment, your puppy might be fed 728-910g of one of the above diets per day, split across 3 meals).

Then it reduces to 6-8% up to 6 months; 4-6% up to 8 months; 3-4% up to 12 months and 2-3% as adults. With larger breeds, they may need a larger % for longer. You can adjust the amounts as you feel will suit your dog (give any changes 1-2 weeks to show an effect before adjusting again).

If you're happy feeding just meat like our Berriewood BARF, then you can simply add something like our Herb & Vegetable Mix to provide fibre and a host of vitamins and minerals not found in the meat.

I hope this is helpful - please let us know if you have any further questions!

Kind regards,


4 January 2020 at 10:06pm

Theresa Tippett

What is the difference between the tripe pack and the breeders tripe pack

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for your query.

There is no difference in the contents of the Berriewood Mince Blocks and our Berriewood BARF Blocks. The only difference is that our Berriewood BARF Breeder packs are sold in bulk packs of x24 blocks, as opposed to our Berriewood Mince Block products which are just x12 block packs.

I hope this helps.

13 April 2019 at 1:16pm

Bone percentage


I notice that the chicken is 50% bone but how much is in the rest of the meat varieties. My dog cannot seem to cope with the large amounts of bone some companies leave in their mince. Are any bone free? It would be a great help if this was stated on your website. I look forward to your reply. Jane

  • VioVet Staff

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your question,

Only our Chicken mince blocks contain bone, each of our other varieties of mince are bone free. Thank you for your suggestion, I have now also updated our description to make this more clear. :)

I hope this helps!

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