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Bayer Urine Dipstick Tests

  • Diastix Dipstick Test » Pack of 50 £5.49
  • Keto-Diastix Dipstick Test » Pack of 50 £10.49
  • Multistix 8 SG Dipstick Test » Pack of 100 £46.00
  • Multistix 10 SG Dipstick Test » Pack of 100 £55.49
  • Uristix » Pack of 50 £17.49

Selection of 5 products from

£5.49 to £55.49

A range of reagent test strips for detecting and measuring glucose, ketone and other metabolites and urine parameters.

What do they test for?

The following table and guide shows what each of the products test for.

Product 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Diabur Test 5000 Yes
Diastix Yes
Keto-Diastix Yes Yes
Ketostix Yes
Multistix 10SG Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multistix 8SG Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uristix Yes Yes
  1. Blood - Serious infections of the kidneys or urinary tract, urolithiasis suspected renal or bladder neoplasms
  2. Leucocytes - Stmptomatic of inflammatory renal and urinary tract diseases
  3. Urbilinogen - Acute and chronic liver prenchyma damage, hemolytic jaundice, pathological state of the intestinal tract
  4. Bilirubin - Liver parenchyma damage, obstructive jaundice (also indicating bilary obstructions)
  5. Nitrite - Bacterial infection of the kidneys or urinary tract
  6. Specific Gravity - Concentration ability of kidneys, supplement for other parameters
  7. Glucose - Early detection and supervision of diabetes mellitus
  8. Protein - Symptomatic of renal and urinary tract diseases
  9. Ketones - Metabolic abnormalities, indication of ketoacidosis
  10. pH (ph) - Useful in relation to other parameters, pH of >9.0 tend to get lower protein reaction

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Reviews of Bayer Urine Dipstick Tests

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Questions & Answers for Bayer Urine Dipstick Tests

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Bayer Urine Dipstick Tests, including answers from our team.

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Dip stick advice

2nd Feb 2015

I asked the question above and the vet kindly gave me great advice re my smelly collie has been brought up on raw food 80 per cent meat 20 per cent vegetable and fruit. He has been on raw since 8weeks old but I include supplements such as brewers Yeast, salmon oil and kelp. I appreciate the vets advice but if I were to keep an eye on the smell or any other issue what dip sticks is the one for me and how do I read the result..

  • Non-Executive Director

Bayer Multistix 10 SG would be the best one to use. Instructions on how to use the strips come with them, but that part is easy enough. Interpreting the results is not so simple and obviously without suitable medical training (which requires a lot more than a couple of emails) you might not get much from them. However you can look up the reference ranges for dogs for the various parameters online and get some help by reading about the various results. There is a lot of information available if you feel like researching it. Otherwise, just ask your vet for help when you need it.

Dip sticks which ones

2nd Feb 2015

My collie was at the vets as he smelled strongly of stale urine.they did a dip test which recorded 9 on alkaline and prescribed a course of anti biotic s. His urine does smell on his long coat underneath and I would like to purchase dip stick to test for infection or other issues.

  • Non-Executive Director

You can buy the dipstick tests off the website. They are not restricted at all. However it can be difficult to interpret the results and sometimes you will need veterinary help to provide any treatment anyway. The other thing I would say is that many male dogs produce quite smelly urine when they are perfectly well. It is natural for them. If they have a long coat and their conformation means that the urine collects on their hair, they will tend to smell of the urine. You can help by having these parts of his coat trimmed short, then using proprietary products to wash or de-odourise the coat. You might need to do this. Also changing the diet can affect the pH of the urine, so alkaline urine is not always a sign of a urinary infection, especially on some commercial low-meat diets.

Use at home?

24th Jan 2014
Ioana Bena
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2009
  • From: Hunedoara, Romania

Dear Madam, dear Sir,
Can we use Multistix 8 SG Dipstick Test at home, or is there a need for a reading machine?
And what is the range measured for urine density (specific gravity)?
Thank you, best regards,
Ioana Bena

  • Web Developer

The Multistix 8SG can be used at home, the test determines the Specific Gravity in the range 1.000 - 1.030.

Urine test

17th Sep 2013

Do the diastix dipstick test test a dog for things such as kidneys, crystals in the water, water infection and so on

  • Non-Executive Director

These stix tests can give a guide to kidney problems, urinary infections etc, but they are not nearly as simple as your question suggests. They test for certain substances and a medically trained person can use this, along with any other information they have available, to make a judgment of what the underlying cause might be. Unless you are medically qualified, they are unlikely to be very helpful to you.