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Battles Copper Sulphate

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Battles Copper Sulphate is a blue powder which can be used for many agricultural reasons. These include the control of fungal diseases, copper deficiency correction in soil and animals, growth for fattening pigs and broiler chickens, and for the destruction of slugs and snails.

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Equine proud flesh removal

19th May 2016
  • VioVet Customer Since: March 2015
  • From: middlesex, United Kingdom

I would be extremely grateful to learn if the copper sulphate can be used for getting rid of equine proud flesh?
If so I will be grateful to learn what I would need to mix it with, if anything and if it will heal the underlying wound underneath or or will I need to treat that again separately once the proud flesh is gone?
Please note, the wound was initially cleaned accordingly but has left a small amount of exuberant granulation tissue.
Many thanks

  • Non-Executive Director

I would not recommend using this without supervision from your vet. It can be used helpfully against proud flesh, but can "go too far" and impede wound healing. In a way it is a matter of "killing" the excessive granulation tissue, but not damaging the delicate edges of the skin wound which you want to cover over the deficit.

Tree stump killing

16th Nov 2015

Hi, can this be used to kill tree stumps in it's supplied form ( i.e. straight from the tub ).

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes it can, but beware that the copper sulpahte can kill surrounding trees, grass etc. You should make sure you use it correctly to affect only this tree. (Normally packed into holes drilled into, but not through, the stump. Then covered with a water proof cover.)

Is Battles Copper Sulphate Pure

26th Jul 2013

Is this pure CuSo4?

  • Commercial Finance Manager

Yes. The only constituent of this product is Copper Sulphate.