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Barrier Livestock Louse Powder for Horses

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Barrier Livestock Louse Powder is a potent, yet gentle, 100% natural insect repellent, specially designed for use against bloodsucking and biting lice. Fully suitable for use in organic farming, the easy to use powder can be applied directly and provides up to six weeks protection (weather conditions dependent). Note- Potency will be affected if used in conjunction with chemical based products. HSE 8712

This totally safe and natural product is suitable for use in organic farming systems and is designed to be applied directly to all animals including horses, cattle, poultry and sheep. It deals with both sucking and bitting lice and one application remains active for up to six weeks.

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Use of powder

7th Apr 2015
Melanie young

my 10 month old colt has a mild infestation of a redish colour lice in his mane but is very itchy all over I am going to use this powder tomorrow on him. He is still in at the moment and want to turn him out asap but since found lice want to treat him first. He is a gypsy cob and have never had anything with feathers before or lice.Do I use it in his feathers and if I cannot use it on his face will he be clear after use. Do I need to burn his beading?? how long will it take to work. How often do I use it??

  • Non-Executive Director

It is possible for lice to live for perhaps 2 weeks off the horse, so ideally he would be kept somewhere else for that period, then returned once the lice have gone. This is often not possible, so you should remove the bedding when you apply the treatment and dump it well away from horses. Lice will then die without you needing to burn it. Eradicating the lice from the horse does involve applying an effective product at skin level where the hair is long, but ideally over the entire skin surface. Some products are best re-applied every 2 weeks, but this one is supposed to last for longer. I suggest you apply it as well as you can, change all bedding etc, wash all equipment in boiling water (ideally rugs too) then see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. Most people seem to find this works, though lice can always return in future.