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Aurizon Ear Drops for Dogs

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Aurizon Ear Drops contain a mixture of carefully chosen ingredients in a soothing and cleansing oil base. The antibiotic marbofloxacin provides broad spectrum cover against the main disease causing bacteria found in ear canals. Clotrimazole provides potent anti-fungal activity against the yeast-like orgnanisms which are found in high numbers in very many ear infections in dogs. Dexamethasone (as acetate) provides powerful, local anti-inflammatory activity which calms the ear canal lining, reducing swelling and discomfort as well.
Aurizon is usually applied once daily for several days. A few drops need to massaged deeply but gently into the affected ear canal. Gradually any debris will be released form the ear, but if there is a large amount of discharge clogging the ear canal, it can be helpful to use a mild, water-based ear cleaner before applying Aurizon.


Homogenous beige to yellow oily suspension. Each ml contains marbofloxacin 3mg, Clotrimazole 10mg and Dexamethasone (as acetate) 0.9mg as active substances. It also contains Propyl Gallate 1mg.


For use in dogs for the treatment of otitis externa of both bacterial and fungal origin – respectively due to bacteria sensitive to marbofloxacin, and fungi sensitive to clotrimazole. Use of the product should be based on susceptibility testing.

The preparation contains three active ingredients:

•Marbofloxacin: a synthetic anti-infectious bactericidal agent belonging to the fluoroquinolone family that acts by inhibiting DNA gyrase. It exhibits a very broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive bacteria (in particular Staphylococcus intermedius) and against Gram-negative organisms (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli and Proteus mirabilis).

•Clotrimazole: an anti-fungal agent that belongs to the imidazole family and which acts by causing changes in membrane permeability, allowing intracellular compounds to leak from the cell and thus inhibiting cellular molecular synthesis. It exhibits a wide spectrum of activity and is aimed, in particular at Malassezia pachydermatis.

•Dexamethasone acetate: a synthetic glucocorticoid exhibiting anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic activity.

Dosage and administration

Shake well before use.

Apply ten ear drops into the ear once daily for 7 to 14 days. After 7 days of treatment, the veterinary surgeon should evaluate the necessity to extend the treatment another week.

One drop of the preparation contains 71 microgram marbofloxacin, 237 microgram clotrimazole and 23.7 microgram dexamethasone acetate.

After application, the base of the ear may be massaged briefly and gently to allow the preparation to penetrate to the lower part of the ear canal. When the product is intended for use in several dogs, use one cannula per dog. Avoid the introduction of contamination during use.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Withdrawal periods

Not applicable

Do not administer to dogs suffering from perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Do not administer to dogs with known sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Do not administer to pregnant or lactating bitches.

Usual adverse reactions associated with corticosteroid drugs may be observed (changes in biochemical and haematological parameters, such as increase of alkaline phosphatase and of aminotransferase, some limited neutrophilia)

Prolonged and intensive use of topical corticosteroid preparations is known to trigger local systemic effects, including suppression of adrenal function, thinning of the epidermis and delayed wound healing.

On rare occasions, the use of this product may be associated with deafness, mainly in elderly dogs and mostly of a transient nature.

Heavy reliance on a single class of antibiotic may result in the introduction of resistance in a bacterial population. It is prudent to reserve fluoroquinolones for the treatment of clinical conditions which have responded poorly, or are expected to respond poorly to other classes of antibiotics.

Before treating with the product, the integrity of the tympanic membrane must be verified.

The external ear canal should be meticulously cleaned and dried before treatment.

Changes in biochemical and heamatological parameters (such as increase of alkaline phosphatase), aminotransferase, some limited neutophilia, eosinopenia, lymphopenia) are observed with three fold the recommended dosage: such changes are not serious and will reverse once treatment has stopped.

Operator warnings

Wash hands carefully after applying product. Avoid contact with eyes. If the product splashed the eye accidentally, rinse with copious amounts of water.

Persons with known hypersensitivity to compounds in the product should avoid any contact with the product.

Pharmaceutical precautions

Do not store above 30°C

After opening, use the product within 2 months. Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with national requirements.

Legal category


Packaging Quantities

Boxes containing: 10ml bottle and cannula and 20ml bottle and 2 cannulae.

Further information

Aurizon does not contain an antimicrobial preservative.

Pharmacokinetics studies in dogs at the therapeutic dosage have shown that: Marbofloxacin plasma concentrations peak at 0.06 µg/ml on the 14th day of treatment.

Marbofloxacin bonds weakly to plasma proteins (< 10% in dogs) and is eliminated slowly, mainly in the active form, over 2/3 in urine and over 1/3 in fæces. Clotrimazole absorption is extremely poor (plasma concentration < 0.04 mg/ml).

Dexamethasone acetate plasma concentration reaches 1.25 ng/ml on the 14th day of treatment. Dexamethasone resorption is not increased by the inflammatory process induced by otitis.

Marketing authorisation number

Vm 08007/4085.

GTIN (Global Trade Item No)

Aurizon 10ml


Aurizon 20ml


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Reviews of Aurizon Ear Drops for Dogs

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Questions & Answers for Aurizon Ear Drops for Dogs

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Aurizon Ear Drops for Dogs, including answers from our team.

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Ear infection

29th Mar 2016
VioVet Visitor
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2013
  • From: Sir Benfro, United Kingdom

My ABD suffers with ear infections on a regular basis the vets prescribe this treatment which works really fast. We have to buy a bottle every 3 to 4 months and is very costly. Do we have to have a prescription off the vet to purchase this off viovet?

  • Non-Executive Director

Due to the legal category this medication is classed in, we do indeed require a written veterinary prescription before we can supply this to you. Some vets are helpful and will provide a prescription with a named number of "repeats" authorised, so that you would be able to come back to us periodically as required and buy more medication. However most vets would probably not do that for ear drops and legally it is entirely up to your own vet. I would like to help you here but the options are very limited without your vet's help.

Aurizon Ear Drops only for Dogs?

4th Nov 2014
Andrea Gylling
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2014
  • From: Midtjylland, Denmark

Are these ear drops efficient to cats with ear yeast infection?

  • Non-Executive Director

Aurizon contains several ingredients, one of which is clotrimazole. This is an anti-fungal agent which is included due to its high level of activity against the yeast organisms (Malassezia) which are very commonly found in ear infections. I expect the drops will be effective for your cat, though there can be an underlying trigger for this type of infection. If so, it is worth trying to identify and treat that, or the infection might well recur. Often this investigation is only started if indeed the infection does not clear up quickly and easily using drops such as Aurizon.

Aurizon ear drops

23rd Oct 2014
anne Mcfadyen
  • VioVet Customer Since: October 2014
  • From: Durham, United Kingdom

Hi dog has been told by the vet he will need aurizon ear drop for rest of his life. . The vets charge a fortune for them and wount give me a repeat prescription unless they see him so that adds to the cost... to b told he needs aurizon. Ive asked them for his prescription but they wount give me it.. have I got rights to get it .. or how do I go about getting one so I can by them off you...

  • Non-Executive Director

The law makes it clear that for prescribed medicines of this type, your vet has to authorise all purchases. It is then up to your vet how many bottles they will authorise without seeing your dog again. Some vets will be more helpful than yours, but many vets adopt a similar position when it comes to antibiotic/steroid ear drops. It is very frustrating but we cannot change that and your rights are limited to finding a different vet or treatment option.

I would say that repeatedly using the same type of drop is often frowned upon by specialist veterinary dermatologists. There might well be a different way of treating your dog. Have you properly explored the possibility of a dietary allergy being involved? (This involves feeding a special test diet and nothing else for a few weeks. Sometimes you can cure the problem for ever this way.) Have you tried regular (say twice per week) cleaning with a mildly antiseptic ear cleaner such as Sancerum? (You can buy this without a prescription and it helps particularly where allergies are not the underlying issue.)

If you are unhappy, getting a second opinion from a different vet might be your best option.