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55 Apocaps for cancer
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By Wendy Pearson on 11 July 2019

Apocaps has given our dog a new lease of life during his cancer treatment. Although very expensive, how can you not give your dog the best chance .

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55 Golden Retriever with a cancerous Nasal Tumor
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By Julie Pearman on 21 April 2019

Our lovely Golden Retriever, Ariana, developed a strange mass in her left nostril just before Christmas. At first I thought she had probably inhaled a splinter or seed. Unfortunately, when a biopsy was performed it proved to be cancerous and was growing quickly. Within a couple of weeks her nose was distorted on the left and she was making a clicking noise when she breathed. It was also weeping and very unpleasant. Following a number of vets visits, then a CT scan, we were advised that the tumor was agressive and the options were to have a part of her nose surgically removed in order to cut out the tumor or to do radiotherapy, both have unpleasant side effects. As our Golden was 13 3/4 years old at the time we were very afraid to put her through evasive treatment. So I looked for alternatives and found Dr Dresslers 'The Dog Cancer Survival Guide'. In it I discovered that Apocaps are an integral part of his cancer therapy. I immediately ordered some and along with a number of other products to boost her immunity we started her off on a homeopathic regime. We also changed her food to all home cooked and no cereals, high protein, low sugar. After 10 days I noticed that her nose seemed a bit dryer and then each day the tumor seemed to be drying and shrinking. It has now been 52 days since her nose started to improve and now the tumor has gone. In this time Ariana has had a birthday and is now 14 which is a great age for a Golden Retriever. She is going for a walk every day has a good appetite and after such a scare we are enjoying everyday! I highly recommend Apocaps it's true to say that my vet was amazed by the effects. I can only comment on what I have experienced, our beloved dog is benefiting and you can't put a price on that for us!

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45 We started using these at the start of our dogs cancer treatment, a couple of years ago. We use the suggested dose and follow the Dressler protocols and so far he is still in remission, touch wood.! There is no way to tell how effective these are but the
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By Gary Green on 29 August 2018

At 4 capsules a day (our dog is only small) it still works out a bit expensive - a bottle and a half a month. For larger dogs I fear it may cost too much for most.

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55 Great product
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By Emanuela Ciuches (eciu6927) on 4 July 2018

This product is amazing, I use it along with a other suppliements and my dog feels very well. My dog has cancer and after our last checkup my oncologist said that my dog is cancer free, thanks to apocaps and other products that I give him to boost his imune system.

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55 Apocaps
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By Anne Bennett on 2 June 2018

Marvelous product dog had cancer 3years ago and was told it would be back in about 3 months so far so good on apocaps

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