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Ancol Comfort Plush Toys

  • Hare Like » 30cm £7.00
  • Owl Like » 25cm £7.00
  • Pheasant Like » 30cm £7.00
  • Tartan Owl » 17cm £4.49

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£4.49 to £7.00

For dogs that love cute and cuddly soft toys.

Floppet Duck

Flat and floppy friend, unstuffed plush duck. Great for dogs to carry around. 51cm approx.

Floppet Brown Dog

Flat floppy friend, unstuffed plush dog with squeaky nose and paws. 51cm approx.

Tartan Owl

The Tartan Owl is the wise, silent type - he has no squeak so great for dogs who like toys with no noise! 17cm in height

Hare Like

Designed to look like the real thing, for those dogs that like to hunt! 30cm long approx.

Owl Like

Soft plush owl character with a squeak - lovely textures and detail- a great comforter toy 25cm in height.

Pheasant Like

Soft plush Pheasant character with a squeak. Lovely textures and detail- a great comforter toy 30cm wingspan.

Huge Hog

A large, unstuffed 50cm Huge Hog! The hog has now squeal, so perfect for those dogs who don't like toys with noise!

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Huge Hog

8th Sep 2017

Please can you tell me what the eyes are made out of in the Huge Hog dog toy. They look like some kind of beads in the photo but I'm hoping I'm wrong.
My Terrier swallowed the plastic squeak out of a toy not long ago, had to be raced to the vet so I'm paranoid about anything that might come loose & be swallowed. I'm interested in this toy as it's no squeak but need to know about the eyes.

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Judy,

No need to worry - they are fabric eyes that have been stitched on :)

I hope this helps.