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Almost Human SuperDog Ultimate Nutrition

  • 90 Tablets £14.89


Almost Human SuperDog Ultimate Nutrition is a multi-nutrient dog supplement which contains 45 nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids and Beta Glucans, which support white cell production and immunity. Formulated to suit all dogs whether they feed on raw or processed food.


Vitamin A (palmitate) (1600iu) 480µg RE, Vitamin D (140iu)* 3.5µg, Vitamin E (5iu)* 3.3mg a-TE, Vitamin C* 5mg, Thiamin (Vitamin B1)* 250µg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)* 450µg, Niacin (Vitamin B3)* 2.25mg, Vitamin B6* 220µg, Folic acid* 40µg, Vitamin B12* 5µg, Biotin* 10µg, Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)* 2mg, Vitamin K1* 10µg, Citrus Bioflavonoids* 500µg, Calcium (from natural Lithothamnion calcarea, dicalcium phosphate) 53.3mg, Iron* 4mg, Magnesium 43.5mg, Zinc* 4mg, Iodine* 60µg, Copper* 300µg, Selenium* 25µg, Manganese* 1mg Molybdenum* 20µg GTF Chromium* 15µg Boron* 0.1mg Silicon* 100µg Phosphorus*2 27mg Isoleucine 15mg Leucine 21.7mg Lysine 24.6mg Methionine 5.3mg Cystine 2.9mg Phenylalanine 13mg Tyrosine 11.1mg Threonine 14.5mg Tryptophan 3.4mg Valine 19.3mg Arginine 15.5mg Histidine 8.7mg Alanine 19.3mg Aspartic acid 29.9mg Glutamic acid 32.4mg Glycine 14mg Proline 12.6mg Serine 16.4mg Beta glucans 4.3mg.

*True Food nutrients also contain B vitamins, betaglucans, glutathione, choline, inositol, amino acids and other phytonutrients naturally found in fermented food cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (food yeast). 1 Includes Lithothamnion calcarea. 2 Includes d-calcium phosphate. 3 Includes Magnesium oxide.

Feeding guidelines

  • 1-5kg Toys and small breeds: ½ tablet a day
  • 6-15kg Medium breeds: 1 tablet a day
  • 16-30kg Large breeds: 2 tablets a day
  • 30kg Giant Breeds: 3+ tablets a day

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30th Dec 2015
Carol Rich
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2013
  • From: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

My 14 year of golden retriever recently started mild seizures which after bloods/MRI scan my animal neurologist believes could be down to food intolerance as he seems much better on chicken/turkey(human food)he takes aktivait and yumove also plaque off
My concern is although I am happy to cook food for him in his twilight years I'm concerned about the bits/calcium he would be missing out on.neurologist said to get a good multivitamin-any recommendations from VioVet please that he could take along side his aktivait/yumove?
Thank you

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

A good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs which is high in calcium is SF-50. This can be added to his other food, is compatible with the other things you have mentioned and will make sure there are no deficiencies.

Strange question.??

31st Aug 2015
Andrea Golden
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2014
  • From: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Is it possible to have too many vitamins. My pug is on zd wet. He won't eat it unless I heat it up in the oven. I'm sure this may deplete someof the vitamins. He has storage mite allergy so I cannot give him the dry version I have tried. I wonder if this would be suitable or is it possible to overdose on vitamins ? He is happy enough at the moment but I don't want to cause any problems long term with vitamin deficiencies ..

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

It is certainly possible to have too much of vitamin A and of vitamin D, though you are very unlikely to do that by giving normal amounts of this product, even if it is along with an already adequately supplemented commercial diet. The other vitamins are not really a concern and they have to be given in ridiculously large amounts to even begin to be dangerous. You should be safe to give this product, though I suspect it will contain some traces of protein which might conceivably be a problem for your dog if he is allergic to them.