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API 7 Day Pyramid Block Fish Feeder

  • 1 Piece £3.19

A great slow-release feeding block to keep your fish fed whilst you are away. The block will dissolve over a period of 7 days and as long as adequate filtration is provided, water will not suffer pollution.

Directions for use

Simply place the 7-Day Pyramid Fish Feeder in the aquarium to begin the feeding cycle. One pyramid will normally feed the fish in an appropriately stocked 10 U.S. gallon (38 L) aquarium for 5 to 10 days. However, the dissolving time may increase in very hard water.

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Holiday food for fish

22nd Aug 2014

I am going away today is it ok to feed my tropical fish normally with fish flakes and then put the. 7 day pryamid feeder in before I go

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes this should be fine as long as you do not give an excess of flakes before you go. You will not need to "feed them up". Fish are usually very adaptable to different presentations of their food and it is OK to switch from one to another. Just make sure that you do not give too much food in total for the amount of fish, or volume of water. Usually it is best to underfeed, rather than overfeed. Better that they go slightly hungry than you pollute the water with waste food.