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Zylkene Stress Treatment

Zylkene is a unique treatment for stress in dogs, cats and horses. Its safe and natural ingredients are based on a protein extracted from milk and it promotes a calming effect in animals during periods of stress or environmental challenge. Ideally it is given once daily for a few days beforehand, then also on the same day as the stressful event. It is safe to give for long periods too, but if this is done, it works best if combined with some form of training or de-sensitising regime.

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There are many reports in the literature of remarkably good responses to Zylkene. In dogs and cats it is particularly good for travel, re-homing, grooming, visiting the vets etc. For horses, Zylkene Equine can easily be given in feed for clipping, travelling, shoeing etc.

Zylkene can help in many situations where animals might be expected to feel anxious or stressed. However do remember that you have a part to play too. Our animals have a phenomenal ability to pick up on signals we give them. Zylkene works best when combined with thoughtful and considerate handling from calm and sensible people!

Suitable for situations such as:

  • Changes in environment

  • Being left alone

  • New person, baby or pet being introduced

  • Travelling

  • Kennel or cattery visits

  • Fireworks

  • Loud noises and thunderstorms

  • Vet visits

  • Celebrations

  • Moving house

  • Lactation

  • Weaning

Feeding Guidelines

For oral administration.

The recommended daily amount should be given in one intake.

The capsule can be opened and the powder mixed with food or a treat.

Zylkène 75mg for cats and small dogs

Up to 5kg

1 capsule per day

5-10 kg

2 capsules per day

Zylkène 225mg for medium dogs


1 capsule per day


2 capsules per day

Zylkène 450mg for large dogs


1 capsule per day


2 capsules per day

Short Term Use: use for 1-2 days before the predicted event or change in environment. Some animals may need earlier administration (5-7 days).

Longer Term Use: 1-2 months

Horses up to 500kg: 1 sachet daily
Horses over 500kg: 2 sachets daily

Horses are often dosed for 2 days prior to a particular event, as well as on the day itself. Longer periods can be given, up to permanent, daily medication.

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Questions & Answers for Zylkene Stress Treatment

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Zylkene Stress Treatment, including answers from our team.

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Fear and fear agression

11th Aug 2015

My small 3 year old has a huge problem with anxiety. She was abandoned at a few weeks old and was found in a forest full of fleas and worms in the middle of winter. She is healthy now but even though she has a loving home, very seldom left alone and never for longer than 4 hours she is always anxious. Every kind of noise, some that I cannot even hear, causes her to pace, growl and bark. I have tried everything possible. Discipline only causes her more fear, I have tried the sonic anti bark device, herbal calming tablets and the hormonal sprays and plug in. They made no difference. Nights have become so stressful as I get no sleep as she seldom relaxes, climbing over me continuously, almost trying to lie underneath me to get away from what she is hearing to block it out. Walks have become stressful as she can not be left off the lead. When she sees another dog she goes crazy and wants to attack. She went to dog training school and has been socialized but you wouldn't say so by the way she behaves. I know this is fear agression as she is fine with all of my friends dogs that she knows. I am at my wits end!! I have done hours of googling trying to solve this problem. I now conclude that medication might be the only solution. I really want her to be a happy, relaxed dog as she is a very sweet and loving. Any advise?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Zylkene will certainly be a slight help, but I very much doubt if it would be a complete answer to all your needs. Personally I would suggest a combination of prescription medication along with expert guidance from a canine behaviour therapist, to help your dog to learn not to be so anxious. This might well be effective, but there are a few dogs which are so badly affected in this way that they never really get over it. It would be up to your vet to prescribe the appopriate medication, though we can usually provide whatever they suggest, as long as we are sent the written prescription. A good place to find help is

Help with epilepsy

20th Jul 2015
Dogs with epilepsy

My dog suffers with Ediopathic Epilepsy we find he has his fits, spontaneously at least once a month or two, it can be brought on by the heat or a stressful day for him, which can be resulted from anxiety from separating from the family, we find it hard to leave him alone encase this brings on a fit. I was wondering if this would help him, he is on medication called epiphem 60mg three twice daily, if you agree that this treatment would help him as well would it be safe to use with his medication?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Zylkene should be safe to give to your dog and is acceptable to use with Epiphen. I am not sure that it would be helpful in the way you wish, but there is a chance that it might help with being left.

There are things you can do to make the event of being left more acceptable to a dog. Ideally you should get some help from a qualified behaviourist about this. Often the worst thing to do is exactly what people naturally do. If you make a fuss of your dog and then walk out of the door ("abandoning" him after seeming to be so nice) the stark contrast in those two events can be too much to cope with. If however you allow a "wind-down" period where for 30 minutes you ignore your dog and deliberately avoid doing anything affectionate, the dog will adjust to the fact that you are going to leave soon and will accept it better. Seems strange but can make a huge difference to the period just after you have left the house. Then of course you should always calmly great your dog when you get back (whatever may have happened in the meantime).

Stressed cat over grooming

2nd Jul 2015
Della Edwards
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2015
  • From: Surrey, United Kingdom

I've ordered homeopet anxiety disorder drops for my female cat who since losing her companion female cat friend ( put to sleep sadly earlier this year) has been stressed, pulling out fur in clumps. She has had steroid shots but short term success. She seems lonely so after months of thinking have adopted a v passive docile similar aged male cat. It's still early days and we're all adjusting. At night time or when I'm not at home she pulls out clumps of fur, mainly on her r/h side. Can I administer zylkene tablets I've found out about at same time as homeport drops or not? I really want to help calm her and stop this habitual fur pulling which has recently got worse again. Any advice please?
Many thanks

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

It is perfectly safe to use Zylkene with the homoeopathic product and it is a good idea. I would also suggest that you buy at least one Feliway diffuser. If anything it would be the Feliway product which I would hold out the most hope for, but all can be used together and the main thing is to get your cats into a more calm and settled frame of mind. Then if that has been achieved, you can look to reducing the help you provide. I have heard many good reports about Feliway and Zylkene in fact for this type of problem. (I would also mention that flea control is vitally important with cats like this. I think that most cats cope perfectly well with a few fleas, but the faintest itchiness can perhaps provoke an excessive, neurotic response in a cat which is temperamentally prone to excessive grooming. Please do not ignore this part of the treatment plan, it is often part of the problem.)


21st Apr 2015

I am thinking about starting my Rescue dog on this, as she is scared of life. She is two, weighs around 19 / 20 kilos and is fit and healthy and active. I am just wondering about the dose - what should I start with and can this be used for periods say 6 months or a year.
Thank you

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

I would suggest one 450mg capsule oncce daily. This can be done for as long as you want.

Stressful events

13th Feb 2015

My horse stress out when in competition would zylkene help, I would only be using it for competitions

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Zylkene can be used for this. It causes no sedation and is safe for competition use. For some horses it is effective and people notice a difference, but others are disappointed. It is worth a try.

How can I help my dog with daily anxiety

29th Oct 2014
Tanya Smith
  • VioVet Customer Since: March 2014
  • From: kent, United Kingdom

I have a 8 year old dog and he panics about most thing and it getting to the point were he dont listen to commands I give him. My agility trainer has told me not to shout at him as it make it worse the worst time is when he go's to the groomers, being separated from me and firework can you help me with how to calm him down

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

There are lots of products which might help with this, but they are not very potent. Zylkene is a good one to try, but it works best if combined with calm and reassuring contact. I would agree that it is never a good idea to shout at a dog if it is playing up because it is scared. You will find that he will be much better behaved if you can get him over the fear with calm reassurance. It is fine to be firm in what you expect, but you need to appear calm at all times, or you will make him worse. If Zylkene fails to work well enough, especially for causes of fear like fireworks, you might find he would respond well to a drug called Xanax. It is prescription only so your vet needs to prescribe it, but the tablets are cheap and often very effective.

Zylkene and CDS

27th Oct 2014

Could we you Zylkene in cognitive dysfunction dog that has night screeming or separation anxiety?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Certainly Zylkene can be used to help with calming the anxiety associated with these conditions. It will not help cognitive function as such, but along with appropriate changes in management, it can help overall.

Separation anxiety can be helped massively by changes in the owner's "leaving routine" and general behaviour. There is lots of information available about this and this should be the main part of the strategy for helping with this condition. Zylkene can certainly help though.

Can it be used as a calmer for horses at competition?

16th Oct 2014

I have a 6 year old thoroughbred and we are just starting to compete with him. I have tried other calmers on him when competing but nothing seems to work. Would this product help and is it competing legal?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Zylkene is safe to use for competition and it is quite different from other calmers, so it might well work when they did not. Some horses respond to it better than others so unfortunately you have to try it before you know if it will work for your horse or not. Pretty much all of the non-prescription products are like that.

Aggression in my young colt

30th Sep 2014
Giselle Summers
  • VioVet Customer Since: November 2013
  • From: North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hi there I have a young colt who is not gelded yet as to meny flies. He gets pushy and bites to move you and can kick dose not like his training sessions.what can we do

Danielle Fletcher
  • AMTRA Qualified Product Advisor

Zylkene is a good one too use for horses in stressful/tense situations like farrier visits or shows but its better as an instant calmer.

Ideally you'd want something that is high in magnesium, so we would suggest Global Herbs Super Calm or Equimins Magnesium Calmer as these are both especially good for horses with nervous or aggressive attitudes and promote much calmer behaviour, which should make him safer to work with and handle. There is also Global Herbs Rigcalm which is mainly for geldings but could help to calm any excitability and aggression toward you.

Zylkene for aggression

30th Jul 2014

Can this help with aggression in dogs, my male dog has a problem with other dogs if I am in the vicinity, he reacts by barking lunging snapping at the other dog while on lead, he is fine off lead if I'm at a distance and a dog sniffs him but will chase if they run off, but if I'm nearby his response is to bark and snap so I always put him on lead if I see another dog before he does, but now we are getting into a cycle of the walks being stressful, I really want to not have to keep my eyes peeled the whole time and to pass other dogs without trouble

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Zylkene might well help to some extent, but on its own you are not going to make much progress I think. Is your dog still quite young? Has he been castrated? Would you consider that?

Most dogs which behave like yours, do get worse as time goes by unless they receive well-planned behaviour training. Putting him on a lead will almost certainly make his aggression worse (it always seems to) though not putting him on a lead will leave you open to other problems.

It is very easy to inadvertantly make your dog worse by the way you respond to the situation. He will be picking up signals from you all the time. He might be noticing your unease when another dog comes near, so is trying to protect you. It might be simply that he is worried for himself, so feels better able to fend off dogs when you are near to help.It might be a mixture of both, along with other conflicts in his mind. Essentially I would strongly recommend you contact an experienced dog behaviour adviser (see and follow their advice, or I fear your dog will get worse despite any medication you provide. With suitable training, especially if he is still young, you could make things far better.