Dog Non-Prescription Medicine


Numerous non-prescription or OTC (over-the-counter) pet medications are available online nowadays and dog medication is no exception. One benefit of non-prescription medication for dogs is that it is readily available and no veterinary consultation is required.

There are two types of dog medication that you should keep to hand as they involve treatment on a regular basis. Firstly, it is always wise to have a ready stock of flea treatment available. If you wait until you see fleas it is likely the population has multiplied, therefore making the situation far harder to treat. Dog medicine for the treatment of troublesome fleas and ticks is also widely available. The wide array of options may appear daunting but we have endeavored to provide useful information on each to inform your decision (see our Help and Advice Centre for more detailed information). It is also important to worm your pets frequently. A de-worming dose once every 3 months is recommended.

The main thing to remember is that routine flea and worm treatments will prevent problems re-occurring. If you wait until you are visibly aware of the problem, it can be significantly harder to treat and may well involve your pet suffering in the process.

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