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Dog Joint Care (inc arthritis supplements)

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The same holds true with arthritic dogs that are suffering from joint pain and stiffness. Cortaflex has been recognised as an effective joint supplement for cats, dogs, horses and human beings. It contains water soluble Glucosamine and is rapidly absorbed by the system. Additionally, it benefits the connective tissues of the joints and helps to maintain joint health in canines.

Cosequin is also of great benefit to arthritis in dogs. All these supplements are geared towards promoting and supporting better joint health as well as helping to relieve the pain which is commonly associated with arthritis and other joint disorders. Cosequin supplements are also viewed as 'joint lubricants' in that they are seen to improve joint suppleness.

It is important to remember the gravity of canine arthritis as it can seriously impede a dog's quality of life. Joint problems are more common in larger breeds than smaller ones and the older a dog gets, the more likely it is to suffer with its joints, and to benefit from any of these nutraceuticals.

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