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Mikki Flea Comb

Flea combs work by physically removing fleas and other tiny pests by passing the finely toothed comb through your pet's coat. The spaces between the teeth of the comb are smaller than the diameter of a flea, so they are easily removed. However, this is a slow process and takes some while to complete, so a comb which is comfortable to use, such as this Mikki comb, is a great advantage.


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Are these flea combs metal

17th Jul 2013

hi im looking for a new flea comb but i want one with metal teeth have any of these combs got metal teeth if so which ones .. many thanks

  • Veterinary Nurse at VioVet

It is certainly possible to get metal flea combs. The link below is to the flea combs with I use and they are a really great range.

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