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Cosequin Joint Supplement

Cosequin is a joint supplement for cats, dogs, and horses. Just like humans, animals can often respond to joint supplements and this one is often recommended by vets. You can find this supplement in one of two forms – chewable tablets or sprinkle capsules. Either way, it is very effective at promoting normal joint function, especially in cats, dogs, and horses. The product contains a unique mix of cartilage supporting compounds. Cosequin contains Glucosamine, a key supplement for the health of joints of older cats, dogs, horses, (and also human beings).

  • RS = Regular Strength
  • DS = Double Strength

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Cosequin is not a drug, it is a scientifically prepared food supplement designed to improve the nutrition to joint cartilage and also the bones, ligaments, tendons and lubricating synovial fluid. It is given at full rate for 4 to 6 weeks initially, then usually at a half rate for long-term maintenance if still required. No side effects are expected and it is a safe product to use for long periods.

Product Weight Range Pack Size Chewable Tabs Sprinkle Caps

Initial Loading
(4-6 weeks)

Cat 2 - 10kg 90 No RS 1/2 - 1 1/2
Small Dog < 10kg 90 DS DS 1 1/2
Dogs 10 - 25kg 10/120 DS DS 1 - 2 1/2 - 1
Dogs 25 - 50kg 10/120 DS DS 3 1 - 2
Dogs > 50kg 180 DS DS 4 2

Cosequin Equine is one of the leading oral chondroprotective agents for horses. Cosequin can play an important role in maintaining optimal joint function in horses. Cosequin contains the raw materials that are essential for the synthesis of synovial fluid and the major components of articular cartilage matrix. The different ingredients work together to help with the maintenance and repair of the joint structures.

The rate for Cosequin Equine has a loading period of 4 - 6 weeks. Here are the recommended feeding guidelines for the initial loading period and the following maintenance rate.

Weight of Horse 4 - 6 Week Loading Rate Maintenance Rate
Up to 250kg 2 scoops AM and 2 scoops PM 2 level scoops per day
250 - 500kg 3 scoops AM and 3 scoops PM 3 level scoops per day
Over 500kg 5 scoops AM and 5 scoops PM 5 level scoops per day

Each scoop weighs 3.3g

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Cosequin and fexidine plus

30th May 2014
Wendy Carpenter
  • VioVet Customer Since: October 2013
  • From: Essex, United Kingdom

can i also give my dog flexidin plus with cosequin

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

It is safe to combine these two treatments. They are essentially very similar anyway, so it is a bit like doubling the dose of one of them. This might indeed be good, because there is no scientific proof of the best dose to use and given how they seem to work, higher doses might well be more beneficial.

Personally I am sure it will be safe to do as you suggest, I am not sure if you will get any significant benefit from doing so, but you might!

Trocoxil and cosequin

28th Mar 2014
Anita Northern Ireland

My 6yr old rottie is on trocoxil, can she also take this supplement. Has had problems since birth. Joints now beginning to swell.

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Cosequin is one of a group of joint supplements which are all essentially very similar. They appear to provide a mild to moderate help to arthritic dogs. They are also very safe and can indeed be combined with Trocoxil or other similar drugs. Many dogs are on a combination like this in fact. I think Cosequin should be a help to your dog and is worth giving.

Cosequin tabllets for my dog

18th Jan 2014
VioVet Visitor

my dog is 9 years old and she is on metacam from the vets . can she take cosequin as well as a supplement . or is the metacam the only one she needs to take .

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Metacam is more powerful than Cosequin and will probably provide the most help. Cosequin works in a completely different way and can add to the effect in a very safe and natural way. Many people do combine the two medications together and ideally this is what we would certainly recommend.

Dosage, how often, ie costing

19th Sep 2013
Ann Kibble

I'd like to cost this supplement for a young Gypsy Cob, weight about 450 k, newly diagnosed with early hock spavin.

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

The dose rate for a 450kg animal is 3 level scoops twice a day for the initial loading period of 4-6weeks. The dose is then reduced to 1-2 level scoops every day after that. Each 700g tub contains approximately 120 level scoops. You will use almost 2 tubs for the loading period and a tub then will last for about 17 weeks at the low dose rate after that.